2024 General Conference – Class Offerings

General Conference 2024 – Class Offerings | Independence, MO

Class: Discussion about the School of the Prophets (Thursday, 3:00 p.m.)

  • It was decided by the Standing High Council and the Joint Council that we should proceed with an offering of the School of the Prophets.
  • What makes the school different from other class offerings?
    • The School of the Prophets should be a more intense or in-depth study of a specific topic that should help the priesthood of the church move toward an endowment of the spirit and help us be prepared to move out with a zeal the gospel and Christ church.
    • The meetings will be held in the Holy Sanctuary of the church with each class beginning with worship and prayer that the Spirit would guide those participating.
    • The class materials would be distributed well in advance and each student should study them thoroughly and with meditation prior to the class. This will require a stronger commitment to the school than is present in our other class offerings. Only one topic would be presented at each session.
      • It has been suggested that the class offerings would be on a Saturday and offered 3 or 4 times a year.

Class: 2024 Policy, the recognition of ordinances performed outside the Remnant Church after April 6, 2024. (Friday, 3:00 p.m.)

  • Recordable ordinances considered: baptism, confirmation, and ordination.
  • The class will cover the reasons for the policy and a question-and-answer opportunity.
  • This statement is found in a letter of explanation:
    • “Because the call has come forth to join the once again established church, and that the call can only be extended for so long without complications, it is time to do what must be done to keep the priesthood strong and the ordinances pure. Please note that the Remnant Church will continue to hold out our hand and ask the world to come and join us.”
    • “As noted in the changes, this policy is for the recordable ordinances affecting membership and priesthood for baptism, confirmation, and ordinations done after April 6, 2024.”

Note: If there is time available after the above discussion, we might discuss the question of what people should notice about the Remnant Church that makes us unique which people would want to be a part of?

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