Bountiful, a New Jerusalem Community

As an ensign to the world, and a demonstration that man can live together in peace and harmony with his neighbor, exercising stewardships, utilizing inheritances, and not being unduly influenced by Babylon, it is necessary to provide for close community living. To that end, as it has been revealed previously at the Kirtland Assembly of 2004, preparation for a community of my people should be developed utilizing land in eastern Jackson County.”

Doctrine and Covenants R-150:6a

Our Church Community in Oak Grove, Missouri is home to 15 families and growing. It is 197 acres of lush farmland with homes scattered throughout. The community was designed so that homes were set close to the road and floorplans included a front porch to encourage neighborly interactions.

Many who live here have chosen to cultivate their own land, either with gardens or livestock while others release their land to be used by the community farmer for shared crop revenue which is used for property maintenance or development.

On the property, residents range in age from the very young to the young at heart and many chickens, sheep, flowers and honeybees to keep the property buzzing with excitement.

There is a pond on the property that serves as a popular fishing hole and gathering place for residents, and the gravel road loop makes for a great walking path.

At the entrance to the property is the Bountiful Congregation church which was finished in 2018.

Bountiful Zionic Covenants

The households in the community belong to consecrated members of the Church. Each have signed our living agreement which includes the below "Bountiful Zionic Covenants".

Bountiful first and foremost is a Sermon on the Mount Community, a place of safety and refuge. Jesus Christ is the center and purpose of all that is done in Community. Each member will strive to walk in the attitude of Jesus Christ.

Each member of the community will strive to keep all of God's commandments but walk in the spirit of grace towards all men.

Each member of Community will strive to be advocates for each other and walk in the pure love of Jesus Christ who is our advocate with the Father. Each member will resist the spirit of Satan who is the accuser of our brethren.