Center Place Reunion – 2015


July/August/September 2015

– By Terry W. Patience

The Center Place In-Town Reunion is now complete. At the beginning of the week we had 82 people registered. Of those, we had about 15 youth attending. I know that there were more people who attended different classes and services throughout the week, so it’s hard to say what a true total would be. All were welcome, and I am so glad that so many found that they wanted to be there.

The evening services were the best attended. On Sunday evening, we had about 20 visitors from BYU as they passed through our area during a summer of study beginning at Nauvoo and working their way through the Church historical sights before returning home. They provided the special music for the service.

There were two prayer services held during each of the weekdays: a 7:15 AM priesthood service and an 8:15 AM service for all who wished to attend. The general prayer and testimony services were led by Presiding Patriarch Carl Vun Cannon and the Order of Patriarchs.

During the week, two classes were provided for the youth: one grouping for the junior and senior highs, and one combining music classes for the elementary students along with their arts and crafts.  A morning and afternoon class for the adults was also provided. The morning adult classes were taught by Seventy Matt Goodrich and Elder Alex Vun Cannon. The afternoon class/discussion was led by Apostle Terry Patience. After the afternoon class, we all headed to our own determined destinations. For some of us, that was an afternoon rest period.

Many of the young people (and a few adults) had the opportunity to go swimming at a local in-door pool instead of taking a rest. This is always something that the youth look forward to.

Most people returned for the evening preaching services. President Frederick N. Larsen provided the ministry on Sunday. Ted Webb provided the ministry on Monday, Roger Schuelke on Tuesday, Ray Setter on Wednesday, and Bruce Terry on Thursday – all members of the Quorum of Seventy. So, as you can see, we had a missionary team working for us all week.

After the evening services, we were privileged to participate in evening campfires. Due to the weather, two of the services were indoors. The other two were at the newly refurbished campfire site behind the Conference Center.

We also had a good turn-out for the lunches each day where good fellowship and food were had by everyone. The meals were funded by a free will offering which allowed more to share in the meal without feeling the burden of the expense. Thank you, Sisters Ardyce Nordeen and Linda Burnett, for the wonderful food.

Towards the end of the week, I discussed with Assistant Director Bill Derr how well everyone pitched in, making this a successful, peaceful, and spiritual camp. We both hope that everyone who participated came away with greater spiritual strength, and an increase in knowledge about our Church and our Savior, and with our friendships toward each other greatly deepened.

God bless and we hope to see you, and many others, here next year.