Editorial Comment Issue 63

Editorial Comment . . .

            Time, as we generally understand or define it, is measured as the period between two or more events. For those of us in the role of leadership for the Remnant Church, the events of particular significance are our General Conferences, family reunions, and our Priesthood Assembly/Women’s Retreat. As of this issue of The Hastening Times, two of the important events are the recent General Conference and our summer family reunions. The two month time period between our conference and the beginning of our first reunion (Iowa, June 2) is a wonderful time for reflection, both backward and forward. An excellent review of this past April’s General Conference is given in this issue of The Hastening Times by President Ralph W. Damon.

            Two highlights, of particular, should be mentioned. First, the musical drama,“Journey to the Land of Promise,” presented on the first conference evening, not only showcased some undiscovered talent among our people but was attended by a full capacity audience with a significant number of non-members. The presentation was very professional and the feeling was that it brought new faith and conviction regarding the Book of Mormon story of Lehi and his family’s journey from Jerusalem to the Promised Land.

            SecondlywouldbethecallingandordinationofPresidingBishopW.KevinRomertonewresponsibilities as an Aaronic High Priest. By revelatory direction, his tribal lineage was designated as Levi and named him “a literal descendent of Aaron.” While not fully understood at this time, this role does elevate the importance of the ministry of the Aaronic Priesthood and its relationship to the Melchisedec Priesthood. As given in an earlier revelatory direction to the Church (R-152:4; R-156:3i), together these two ministries will give rise to the fulfilling of the Celestial Law.We arei ndeed a blessed people to receive new understanding of our priesthood ministry as we earnestly seek to do God’s will in building up His Kingdom.

            The next significant event for our members is the season for reunion which begins with the Iowa Reunion and ending with the Center Place Reunion (August 2). Between these two are reunions in Idaho, Oklahoma, and Geneseo, IL. Common themes have been recommended for all the reunions this year and the following years of 2016 and 2017. They are “Finding the ‘Path Less Traveled,’” “Our Journey on the ‘Path Less Traveled,’” and “The Destination of the “Path Less Traveled.’”The“Path Less Traveled”is illustrated on the front cover of this issue of The Hastening Times and serves as a reminder to all who wish to find favor and contentment within the arms of our Master that we each must leave the “broad way” of Babylon and find the path, so straight and true, that leads to the Kingdom. We may find ourselves often walking alone, sometimes devoid of others of God’s creation, but we will find His presence on that same path, gently urging us forward and onward. As many as possible should avail themselves of the opportunity to share in study, worship, and fellowship with their families and friends at these wonderful family reunions.

            As we continue in these exciting times, and in the unfolding of the work which lies ahead for the Remnant Church, let us pay heed to the most recent counsel brought to us in Section R-160:5 of our Doctrine and Covenants: “My people of the Remnant Church, you have been called to the mission of sending forth my gospel far and wide by word of mouth, by the example of your individual lives, as well as how you live in community. The world is in chaos and needs so badly the message of Good News. Be not discouraged, for I will be with you and the end will be victorious. Remember, remember, I gave my life for you. What will you do for me?”

Frederik N. Larsen

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