Editorial Comment – Issue 66

Editorial Comment – Issue 66

January/February/March 2016

April of each year is a time of great expectation and anticipation for the Remnant Church. The Saints have already spent several weeks, perhaps months, planning and getting ready for the week-long experience of General Conference. They come for the worship opportunities, the fellowship of family and friends’ reunions, and the coming together to do the annual business of the Church. All of these activities, and many more, create a vibrant atmosphere where song, service, and dedication are on display almost every moment of each day, and long into the evenings.

This year, with the conference theme being,“Prepare Ye Remnant Saints,” such early preparation by each attendee will only be the precursor to what will likely be a week of challenge and forward-looking encouragement. Once again, as we did last year, there will be pre-conference educational sessions focused on informing the Saints of some of the major activities currently in place. The schedule for these sessions is still under development, but we anticipate some exceptional presentations once again. The complete daily agenda, with possible adjustments, is also included in the following pages of this publication.

One of the important pieces of business will be addressing a resolution presented by the Bishopric and the First Presidency to modify our Church budget consideration. That resolution is included in this issue of The Hastening Times. We urge all Saints to spend some time acquainting themselves with this resolution and being prepared for its discussion. If this resolution is passed by the conference, the proposed 2017 budget will be tabled until the next called General Conference. In a related note, we would ask special attention be paid to the “Bishop’s Corner” and the essay prepared by Presiding Bishop W. Kevin Romer. In answer to many questions from the Saints, he has taken the opportunity to clarify the Church’s position on tithing and gives a response to the Abundant Church program which was initiated in 2014.

But April’s conference activity is not the sum total of the Church’s activities. Summer is shortly on the horizon with all of its camps, reunions, and worship activities nationwide, and especially here in the Center Place. On the back page of this issue is the complete listing of our summer events along with those who will serve as directors. We especially urge, with the greatest of encouragement, that the young people of the Church, with the full support of their families, make serious plans to attend either the Junior High or the Senior High camps, depending, of course, on their age. These camps have been the foundation for so many of our now-active young adults who retain fond memories of times where God and His Spirit reached out and touched them, either by the spoken word, through special prayers, or deep and insightful counsel. Several times in recent days the Saints have been called to separate from the world; in what finer way can our young sons and daughters provide God with the opportunity to come close to them?

Our final thought for this day is for a safe journey for all Saints and friends attending this conference. We also urge each and every member to join in the 40 days of fasting initiated by the Quorum of Twelve, and supported by the First Presidency, which will begin on February 24th and continue through the start of our conference. In these particular days of unrest and searching for that which is true and divine, may we be able to join our thoughts, dreams, and desires into the “oneness” so desired by our Heavenly Father. Truly, may we be “one” with each other and with our God.

The First Presidency

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