Editorial Comment – Issue 71

Volume 18, Number 2, April/May/June 2017, Issue 71

While reviewing the draft version for the current issue of The Hastening Times, I was impressed by the quality and content of our official Remnant Church publication. This issue includes a very fine review of our recent General Conference by Patriarch Ralph Damon. Other reports by our General Church Officers, including the Presiding Bishopric and Quorum of Twelve, give an update on these two programs which are so important to our fiscal status and missionary outreach. Reports on activities and programs from the individual departments and branches reveal the dedication and commitment of our Remnant Church membership.

The excellent formatting and production of this publication is a tribute to our managing editors, Pat and Rod Walsh. They are to be commended for their stewardship and dedication to this most important work for the church and their Lord.

Regarding the General Church Conference: since the inception of the Remnant Church in 2000, we have held our General Conference annually in April. A number of factors have caused the First Presidency to consider changing our General Conference to every other year. Most times, it seems there is too much of a rush in preparing for all the activities and programs. Also, as the church has matured, there is very little in actual business to legislate. Fellowship and instruction, then, remain our principle activities, which are very important, but can be implemented in other avenues. We are recommending a change to a biennial General Conference for the Remnant Church beginning in 2019. We will continue to retain our Priesthood Assembly / Women’s Retreat, but on a biennial schedule also.

Thus, our schedule for these two events will be as follows:

Priesthood Assembly / Women’s Retreat: October 6-8, 2017

General Conference: April 2-8, 2018 (Already committed)

Priesthood Assembly / Women’s Retreat: October 2019

General Conference: April 2020

Of course, special conferences can be called at any time by the First Presidency, if needed. We believe that this realignment for our conferences will allow a smoother time for preparation and less stress on those who so diligently give of their time and talents for the work of the church and the kingdom.

As the church continues to grow, and it is, may our gatherings for worship, instruction, and fellowship continue to be uplifting and cause us all to be true kingdom builders. May God continue to bless us all as we anticipate the fulfillment of Zion and our Lord’s return.

Frederick N. Larsen

President of the Church

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