Editorial Issue 77

Editorial Comment . . .

By President Frederick N. Larsen

Volume 20, Number 1, Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2019 Issue 77

As the Remnant Church and its members enter a new year, the idea and yearly theme of Moving Forward to Zion has been selected to emphasize the fact that, even though we can be very pleased for all that has been accomplished by this relatively small band of saints in the past 18 years, we look forward with great anticipation to further the work of bringing to pass the cause of Zion. Remember that this year in April we gather together in Priesthood Assembly and Women’s Retreat and assemble in April 2020 for General Conference. It is always such a joyous time as we gather in fellowship, instruction, and worship. At such a time, we will be lifted up and perhaps gain an ever better understanding of what it means to Move Forward to Zion.

Even as we understand that it is clearly our responsibility to “preach the fullness of the gospel to all who will listen,” our goal as a corporate entity, the Remnant Church, is to “prepare and gather a righteous people for the building of the Kingdom of God on earth, Zion.”

The words of one of our zionic hymns comes to mind. The prophet Frederick M. Smith, in 1922 by the voice of inspiration, wrote words to a hymn we know as “Onward to Zion.” The first few words are thus: “Onward to Zion, faithful and strong, Zion the beautiful beckons us on, Onward and upward battle along.” The word beckon suggests a call or summons to some attraction or goal. Indeed, the concept and idea of the fulfillment of the kingdom is truly a beautiful thing. The word battle also brings to mind words of another of our hymns, “God is Marshaling His Army.” Many challenging words for us can be found in that hymn: “God is marshaling his army For the rescue of his truth.” The Remnant saints believe that through the prophetic office of the church, guidance and direction for the body of Christ has been provided in these latter days. The hymn continues: “He is calling now to battle Both the aged and the youth.” Again, the Remnant Church is being blessed with energized and devoted young people joining in the battle for the work, supported and guided by the aged giving guidance and direction to the vision to the kingdom, even Zion.

Go to your hymnals and read and reread the words to these two hymns, and see if you do not grasp and sense the challenge of Moving Forward to Zion.

We call your attention to two passages of scripture from latter day revelation:

“Continue to be faithful, humble, and unified in your worship and service to me and, as promised earlier, my Zion will unfold before you. Thus saith the Spirit. Amen” (D&C R–47:6b).

“l, the Lord, your Savior, await the coming forth of my Zion as a blossoming flower, beckoning for all to come and see the kingdom of God on earth” (D&C R–150:8b).

May it be so. Amen.


Frederick N. Larsen,
For the First Presidency

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