Foreign Missions

You will see a description of each area we have established membership. We are in regular contact with individuals in other nations who have found us on the Internet and have expressed an interest in the Remnant Church. We have contacts in the Philippines once again as interested individuals in Brazil, Tanzania, Russia, and other nations of Europe have reached out to us. It is the dream of each member of the Quorum of Twelve who has an overseas assignment that the day will soon come when we truly will be able to "go into all the world".



In India, we had two men form the leadership in that nation. High Priests Johny Raju and Srinivas Marisetti. Each man had established groups of followers in many small towns near their homes. Brother Johny had approximately 28 small groups led by pastors whom he oversaw and gave direction to. Brother Srinivas had approximately 32 such groups which he provided ministry to with the help of his pastors. Today, with the recent passing of Brother Johny due to COVID 19 effects, we are unsure what is the current number of total groups remaining in India. Using estimates from 5 and 6 years ago, the total number of potential members in all of our nations would be approximately 1,700. Due to the length of time that we have not been able to travel to these nations, we are unsure of the exact number in India.



1 Member



1 Member


We have four organized groups, all centered around the two major cities, Entebbe and Kampala.



We also have four groups, each are in the western portion of that nation near the city of Kissi.



We have five groups spread across a large part of that nation. Nigeria is a very large nation and requires very long bus rides or plane flights to reach the different groups.