Geneseo Reunion


In some ways, to call the 2014 Geneseo Reunion a “Working in Harmony” reunion doesn’t do justice to what the Saints experienced. Too often, the ideal of “working in harmony” is looked upon as “working

at harmony” and this was absolutely as far from the truth as can be. From the outset, the Geneseo Reunion was a “Working, Worshipping, Playing, Teaching, Learning, Praying, Testifying, Preaching, and Fellowshipping in Harmony Reunion.” One hundred and sixteen Saints from Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Maine, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, and Canada—coming from the Remnant Church, JCRB, Church of Christ Restored, and various Independent Restoration Branches—came together with love for one another as one church with no division, no politics, and all worshipping one God under one Spirit. What a blessed week!

Two additions to the reunion grounds this year really added to the enjoyment and fellowship of the Saints. The new playground which was started last year has been finished and was a huge hit with the youth (and some adults). The new fellowship hall and concession stand which we dedicated to the Lord during the reunion was complimented on over and over again as a wonderful asset to the campground. The Saints enjoyed the facilities so much and every evening after services you would find them sitting at the tables or on the porch eating popcorn and fellowshipping with one another.

Each morning before the day’s activities, the tone was set as the priesthood met together in discussion and worship and received their responsibilities for the day, the week, and beyond. Aaronic ministry was very much evident as the priests, teachers, and deacons went together along the boundaries of the campgrounds and prayed for God’s protection and for angelic ministry. They also visited with many of the Saints in their priesthood capacity and were a much appreciated presence upon the grounds.

What the youth music and class teachers did and taught cannot be summed up in this short narrative but the testimony of Sister Barb Edwards pretty much says it all. She shared, “I can’t believe how much my boys have learned in just one week. The teachers that you have here have done such a wonderful job…I truly believe the Lord has blessed them because these boys have learned – really learned – more in this one week that they are sharing with us than what they’ve learned in a whole year of Sunday School.”

A special music service was put together by Sisters Linda VerDught and Anita Zahniser. The Saints enjoyed a spiritual evening of music performed by talented musicians of all ages. A new servant of God came into the Kingdom as Priest Cliff Wentzel baptized his granddaughter Cassi Wentzel-Potts.

It would be fitting to end this narrative with Apostle Robert Murie, Jr.’s words: “This week has been the greatest week of my life since I was a teenager in the Church. The reunion was such a blessing in that I knew there were about six different Restoration groups present, but unless someone told you, you saw no difference, because there is no difference where it counts. I came away with such hope for the bringing together of the Saints in all the groups.”

Again, what a blessed week! We hope to see all of you in Geneseo for next year’s reunion.

— High Priest Mark Deitrick