Idaho Reunion

Idaho Reunion June 16-22, 2018

By Ardyce J. Nordeen

The Remnant Record 2018 – Volume 1

Sunlight filters through tall pine boughs. Campers call out, “Good morning!” as they make their way to the shower house or dining hall. The smell of wood fire smoke blends with the aroma of pancakes and bacon. Cheerful children greet their still-not-awake friends over a cup of cocoa. And we all settle down for opening worship in front of the large fireplace. It’s the opening day of the Northwest (Idaho) Reunion, 2018. And a lovely week it will be!

This year, we gathered for reunion at Camp Cascade a week later than we have in recent years. A benefit of this schedule was the blessing of slightly warmer temperatures, which allowed us to hold our services in the camp tabernacle. Even though some of our young ladies sat in prayer service wrapped in quilts, it was a joy to share together in that sacred space.

Our Reunion theme was The Kingdom, and Elder Morgan Wigle presided each morning over our prayer services. On the first morning, he challenged us with the question, “Why are you here?” We pondered that and shared our own testimonies in answer to that for the rest of the week.

Classes met each morning for all age groups. Younger children learned about some of the parables that Jesus taught concerning the kingdom with their teachers, Hazel Easterday and Ardyce Nordeen. Older youth had class with Apostle Donald Burnett and discussed topics relating kingdom living to their lives. President Jim Vun Cannon taught the adult class using the Fullness of the Gospel booklet prepared at conference time.

The ministry of the spoken word each evening was brought by Brothers Jim Vun Cannon, Don Burnett, Elder Tony Hill, and High Priest Craig Nordeen. Sister Paula Brackett organized the music for these services, including two performances by our on-thespot children’s choir!

Our afternoons were filled with a variety of activities, following shoes-off time, of course! Brother David Essig brought wood-working supplies and helped all the youngsters at camp create wooden yo-yo’s and walnut crosses. They also enjoyed the annual tee-shirt tie-dying extravaganza. This year, the children and youth had some culinary lessons as well, making their own ice cream in small jars one afternoon. They found this very delicious that night when homemade root beer was added to it after campfire. Black cows all around!

The annual ladies’ tea was held on Tuesday, and all the ladies shared memories of their “spiritual birthdays” or in other words, memories of their baptismal days. It was a time of sweet remembrances and included the retelling of a few mishaps.

Overarching all our fellowship and worship times were the thoughts of Zion and zionic living. It is always a joy to come together in this beautiful setting and catch a glimpse of what living in the kingdom will be.

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