RobertMurieRobert Murie, Jr.

Robert Murie Jr.As a young boy growing up in the Detroit area, I was blessed to have been raised in a home where the RLDS Church and the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ were at the forefront of all our family activities. I literally was a "Camp Rat" during my early years, attending the Blue Water Camp Grounds and making it to every camp, retreat, and reunion experience sponsored by the then Detroit International Stake. Because my father was a High Priest and mother the Stake Women's Director; it was pretty apparent that my future was going to be centered on involvement in Church activities.

I worked as a Guidance Counselor, Teacher, Coach, and Administrative Consultant for 37 years in the Michigan public school sector before retiring in 2003. My experiences as an educator gave me ample opportunities to develop my teaching and preaching skills. I am happiest in the Church when teaching a class or preaching the gospel. I have been blessed with these skills and gladly use them to serve my Heavenly Father.

It has always been my confirmed belief that this is the true Church; so when doctrinal and administrative problems reared their ugly head in the 1980's, I became quite despondent. At the time, the newly promoted Restoration Movement allowed me an opportunity to become involved in the establishment of the independent Garden City Restoration Branch where I served as a member of the Pastorate for a number of years.

Around 2002, when the controversy arose between the static Restoration Branches and the newly established Remnant Church, it split our little Michigan branch into two factions. The Pastorate wanted to keep the branch solvent yet, at the same time, become involved with the Remnant Saints who were attempting to restore the Church to its original status. Many of our Restoration Priesthood simply refused to serve with those who espoused the Remnant philosophy and church started to become more of a battleground than a haven of worship. It became obvious we could not co-exist with such different philosophies; it was time for the congregation to decide whether to become a Remnant Branch or stay Independent.

In October, 2003, several of our branch priesthood, including myself, attended the Remnant Priesthood Assembly held at the Gathering Place. It was during this Assembly that I became assured by the Spirit that the Church needed to be restored and that the Independent Branches were not moving in that direction. Returning to Michigan, we held a vote within the Branch to determine which direction we wanted to go. The majority elected to remain an Independent Branch and those Priesthood who now believed in the validity of the Remnant Church were basically told their services were no longer needed. Thus, the remainder of our group chose to leave the building we had bought and paid for, to establish what is now the First Michigan Branch of the Remnant Church - and we have never looked back with regret at our decision.

My testimony of the Remnant Church grows stronger each year and I am ready to serve my Heavenly Father in whatever capacity he deems necessary. Due to the fact that our branch in Michigan is small and rather removed from the activities of the Center Place, the bulk of my ministry is required there. However, I look forward to my new call and am prepared to work as hard as possible to assist the Apostolic Quorum and my brethren in the Seventy as we seek to magnify the effectiveness of the Missionary Arm of the Church. It is my prayer that I will always be found serving my Lord and that I will be instrumental in reaching out to those who are searching for the road to the Kingdom.