Marci Damon

Marci Damon 2016

The Lord has often worked with me while I have been on the Women's Council these past few years. My particular prayer, for a long time, has been, "Lord, use me where you need me; open that door, help me to know where you want me to be."

Sometimes my prayers have been answered by the prompting of the Spirit to do a certain thing. Other times my prayers have been answered by me being asked to do a certain job or fulfill a particular responsibility. My being invited to participate on the Women's Council was one of those times when I found myself being asked to help.

Due to the nature of my prayers, I have always found it difficult to say no when I have specifically been asked to do something for the Church unless I have had a conflict of some sort. I will admit, there was a part of me that wished there had been a conflict at this time of this request. It had only been six months since Greg's death and I was not feeling like I could be of much help to anyone or that I even wanted to serve in this capacity.

Isn't it is interesting how the Lord can use you when you allow Him to do so, and how blessed you become when you are in service for Him? The sisters on the Council always provided an uplifting and joyous atmosphere when we met together to discuss the plans and activities which we undertook. Thankfully, this allowed me the opportunity to heal, both spiritually and mentally. The work of the Council also allowed me to serve and receive those blessings that come with service to God and the Saints. As I look back upon my years serving on the Women's Council, I am truly thankful for this door of opportunity which the Lord opened for me and that I was, perhaps unknowingly at the time, wise enough to take it.