Connie J. Boswell

Connie Boswell 2016Connie was born January 23rd, 1946, the third child of Clarence and Janice Boswell. She has an older sister and brother, Donna and Steve and a younger brother, Doug. She has a long heritage in the Restoration gospel, beginning with her paternal great-great-great grandfather, William Boswell, who was converted to the Church in England and later moved to the United States with his family. Her maternal great-grandfather, New Madden, was also a convert to the Church.

Her parents farmed near Lamoni, Iowa where she grew up and attended Lamoni Public School. After graduation, she received a Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a functional major in Art from Centeral Missouri State College, now University of Central Missouri.

Connie married her high school sweetheart after college graduation in 1967 and moved to Ames, Iowa where he was attending Iowa State University. Their son, Adam, was born there. After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering, the family moved to Plattsmouth, Nebraska where her husband worked in Omaha. Their daughter, Adrienne, wwas born a year later.

In 1975 the family moved back to Lamoni. Adam gegan first grade and Adrienne kindergarten that fall. Connie worked as a teacher's aide in a nearby community for a couple of years, then at the local grocery store. She recalls that one day, while making price changes on canned goods, it was impressed on her mind that that she needed to be doing her artwork. Her professional painting career began in 1980 and continues today.

The children went to college - Adam to Graceland and a year later, Adrienne to University of Colorado in Boulder. Connie's world fell apart at that time; a marriage of almost twenty-two years ended. She made the decision to move to Blue Springs, Missouri where her mom and two aunts lived.

The painting career was doing well and, in time, the sadness and loss eased. Connie met and married a Park College psychology professor three years later. Sadly the marriage ended with her husband's death in 2000.

In 2003 Connie moved from Kansas City, north of the river, to Independence in order to be closer to the Church. She met Bill Derr while attending Center Branch and the two were married in 2005. Bill is presently branch president at Center. They have been married ten years and continue to be very active in the work of the Church.

Connie's son, Adam, lives in the Westport area of Kansas City. He created, owns, and operates a mold-making business. Her daughter, Adrienne, her husband Jason and their daughter Keira live in Independence. Adrienne and Jason are both self-employed sculptors; much of what they sculpt is then prototype-molded by Adam for toy companies on both coasts.

Connie plays the Native American style flute and harmonica. She is outgoing and enjoys people and truly loves the Lord.