Brandi L. 


I was born in Columbus, Ohio, but shortly after moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I spent my childhood.  My mother and father (Chris and Pat Nein) and sister (Mandy) and I lived in Michigan until I was about twelve years old.  My mother had a very strong upbringing in the Church (RLDS) and made sure we were raised knowing the Lord. We attended a small branch while living in Michigan.  I can remember traveling to Independence and attending the Church conferences at the auditorium every year and visiting my grandparents (Naoma and Bob VanMeter) and my aunt (Cheryl Blanton) who lived in Independence.  I had a very strong bond with Nanny, Poppy and my aunt, and spent the summers with them.  We attended the Grain Valley Branch and later the branch that met at the Fort Osage High School.  I was very involved in Zion's League and the youth programs with the Church and looked forward to reunions.  Nanny made sure we were in Church when the doors were opened.  She was the most faithful person I knew.

My family finally "gathered in" to Blue Springs where we attended the Blue Springs Branch. I was married to Jeff in 1998 at the Blue Springs church. We have a wonderful marriage that is based on trust, honesty, integrity, and love.  I am very involved in Church and help with the Women's Department, Building Committee, potlucks, monthly crafts for Sunday school at Blue Springs Branch and various activities with the Handmaidens.

I have owned a boutique for twelve years and am blessed to have a successful business where I am able to witness for the Lord by playing Christian music, posting weekly scripture verses on my business Facebook page, and talking about the Lord with my customers.  I love the Lord with all of my heart and I will serve where I am needed.