Danelle Woodruff picDanelle Woodruff

I grew up in Floyds Knobs, Indiana, in a loving home. My heritage in the church extends to my great-grandparents, Edmond and Vernette Fouts, my grandparents, Charles and Wanda Bickel, and my parents, Wes and Cheryl Ault. My parents made sure our family attended church every Wednesday and Sunday—and any other day of the week that the church doors were open. I was baptized in the RLDS church when I was eight years old. My youth was full of fun events, such as attending local youth group meetings, district Zion's league meetings, church camps, and Sports Spectacular at Graceland University. Although I had been raised in the church for all of my childhood, I never really had my own testimony until years later.
In 1995, my grandfather, Charles Bickel, was given a strong testimony from the Lord while he was performing a confirmation on a newly baptized member into the RLDS church that the gospel of the church was being changed. My father and a few close church members began meeting together with my grandparents in their home to study and worship. It was then that I began to really study the scriptures with an open heart seeking direction, and the Lord answered my prayers. In time, my mother and sister, Rebecca Paris, began to worship with us, and eventually, we united in worship with the Restoration movement.
In 1993, I graduated from Floyd Central High School, and attended Indiana University Southeast on an athletic scholarship to play basketball and earned a teaching degree. It was at college that I met my husband, Robbie Woodruff. We were married in 1998, and although he was not a church member, he agreed to attend church regularly with me. Within a couple of years, we were blessed with our daughter, Riley. Two years later, the Lord blessed us with our son, Kevin. Shortly after he was born, the Southern Indiana congregation joined the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and at a reunion Robbie received a testimony of Christ's church and was baptized at the Gathering Place.
I enjoy teaching middle school English for the New Albany-Floyd County schools, and Robbie is a police officer for the Floyd County Police Department. The Southern Indiana branch is blessed with a beautiful church building and a close group of family and friends that worship together. Our pastor, Richard Paris, Elder Brian Caffrey, and Priests Robbie Woodruff and Nathan Paris, along with regular visiting ministers, continue to preach the word of the Lord. Although we are a small congregation, we have a big heart!