Iowa Reunion 2016

Iowa Reunion


We once again had a wonderful few days on the “top of the hill.”  It is such a beautiful place to get away from the busy, hectic world and enjoy the quiet, beautiful creation of God, to meet His Holy Spirit and enjoy the quietness of His creation.  The Missouri Valley Branch would like to thank all of those from Missouri and other areas for supporting the Iowa Reunion.  We would not be able to have this wonderful reunion without the support of those who do not live in Iowa.

This support was in evidence in our classes and services throughout the week. The adult class was taught by High Priest Bob Ostrander. His knowledge of the Doctrine and Covenants helped us to understand modern-day revelation. The prayer services were directed by Patriarch Carl VunCannon, Jr. The Holy Spirit met us each day as prayers and testimonies were directed to our Heavenly Father. The music, directed by Barbara Sherer, was lovely and so many gifts and talents were shared. The children’s classes were taught by Sisters Judy Alvis, Martha Steger, Tisha Argotsinger, Barbara Sherer, and Jolene Webb. Each evening the Holy Spirit touched our hearts as we listened to the preached word. Our priesthood gave us the spiritual food that we so much needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of those who made this reunion possible.

Activities and fellowship between the classes and services included food that was delicious. No one went away hungry. A special thanks to Brothers Frank Stamm, Mike Alvis, and Don Burnett for keeping the kitchen running smoothly. Also, thanks to all of those who volunteered to help do dishes and all the tasks that it takes to feed us. The Iowa Reunion has a beautiful facility for the children, including a very nice swimming pool that opened each afternoon, and playground equipment that was never quiet.

The numbers of those who attended this year were down, and we pray that more Saints will attend in 2017. The Missouri Valley Branch works very hard at growing spiritually. We are not growing in numbers at this time, but we feel the Lord is blessing us by opening our hearts and minds to studying His word. We invite all to come to Iowa and visit our branch in Missouri Valley for the Wednesday night study group and the Sunday study and worship service. We hope to see all of you soon, and invite all to attend the 2017 Iowa Reunion. Zion will be built by those who are spiritually in tune with the desires of God.