M.I.T. Program

The Missionary-In-Training Program (MIT)

Evangelism is the process of getting the love of God into the hearts of men, and the lives of men into the Kingdom of God”

President Frederick M. Smith

In 2012, The leadership of the Remnant Church investigated what type of missionary program the church could be involved in, and then prepared a training program designed for men from about age 13 to age 20 to train and retain missionaries. The course was designed to help our own people, especially the youth of the church, to understand the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Class participants apply the knowledge they gain as they encounter missionary opportunities, by volunteering for service in the church, by sharing with friends in conversations, and by sharing in planned missions and events.

You Are Invited to Participate

We hope that you, too, will find the MIT Training Academy materials beneficial, Here is your chance to understand Jesus Christ, the beliefs that are so important to society today, and learn how to discuss these important topics with others.  There are two ways to become involved.