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Volume 18, Number 2, April/May/June 2017 Issue 71


2017 CALENDAR PLANNING Please note that the dates for many key Remnant Church gatherings have been set. Dates for General Conference, as well as retreats, reunions, and camps can be found on the back cover. These represent opportunities for fellowship with the saints and to enjoy spiritual renewal as we come together in one heart and one mind. We hope to see you at these important events!

REUNION, CAMP, AND VACATION CHURCH SCHOOL REGISTRATION FORMS The registration forms for this summer’s reunions, camps (including health forms), as well as Vacation Church School registration and youth helper forms, are available on the church’s web site. Please visit the church web site at and navigate to the “Forms” menu. Select the form you need and follow your browser’s instructions to download the document. We hope to see you this summer!

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP AND STEWARDSHIP CCOUNTING FORMS Please note that there are number of reporting forms available for download rom the church website as well. These include:

• Form 101 – Blessings, Baptisms and onfirmations, Marriages, Deaths, Address, Pone or Email Changes, Ordinations

• Form 102 – Affiliation with the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

• Recommendation for Ordination

• Consecration Instructions (PDF)

• Consecration Accounting Forms (Excel File)

• Tithing Workbook (Excel File)

• Tithing EZ Forms (Excel File)

As noted previously, navigate to the “Forms” menu and select the form you need to download.

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