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In the last issue of The Hastening Times, the individual who took the front cover picture was not properly identified. That person was Mr. Bill Edwards of Bill Edwards Photography. If Saints wish to see more of Mr. Edwards work, they may simply do an internet search using the name of his business. Our apologies to Mr. Edwards.


For the past few years, Sister Gosling has been the branch contact for the gathering of branch news for The Hasenting Times. With this issue, she is “retiring” and looking for further endeavors to serve the Remnant Church. We thank her for the diligent work she has provided. We are now asking that all branch repporters submit your branch news to Sister Kathie Mills at the Church Headquarters. Her email address is Sister VanBiber has worked tirelessly to consistently gather the personal information on our members and family members who are serving our nation’s military. She has also “retired,” and we thank her for this dedicated service. At this time we are looking for someone who would volunteer to step in and take over this ministry. Please contact Ralph Damon at the Remnant Church Headquarters if you are interested.


We are so pleased to be able to report to the Saints of the inception of the Center Place of Zion (CPZ) organization. Under the direction of High Priest Robert Ostrander, High Priest Mike Hogan, Elder Dick Paris, and Bishop Dan Keleher, they will be working in conjunction with the First Presidency and with the assistance of the four branch presidents and the several priesthood quorum presidents to fully develop this program. The initial informational meeting for this long-awaited venture will be held on September 6 at the combined evening service at the Gathering Place at 6:00 PM. A “Newsbriefs” will be prepared describing in detail this new outreach of ministry in the Center Place.


October 2nd through the 4th will be the annual gathering of priesthood and women throughout the Church for another weekend of study, worship, and wonderful fellowship. Plans are now underway with the First Presidency and the Women’s Council making their plans for their individual, as well as cooperative, activities. We encourage all priesthood members and women of the Remnant Church to make every effort to attend this weekend’s activities.


Apostle Terry Patience reports that there are currently seven participants in the Church’s M.I.T. program. Another training session should begin in the near future. Any young man, ordained or not, interested in learning how to become “missionary minded” is encouraged to contact Brother Patience at A missionary outreach event is scheduled for the Rogers, Arkansas Branch in August where the Remnant Church will be represented during that community’s arts and crafts fair.


The First Presidency would like to take a moment to encourage each Saint to remember those who have great physical and spiritual needs in their lives. As of this time, Presiding Bishop W. Kevin Romer and Patriarch Richard L. Wilson struggle with health problems that seriously affect their ministries and their ability to work in the vineyard. Many others of the Church also are bound by illness and weakness of the body, causing them to have to reduce their ability to minister. May each of us find time, daily, to constantly remember, in the deepest of our prayers, those in need who live and work around us for the Kingdom.

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