Editorial – Issue 69

December 13, 2016

Editorial Comment By President Frederick N. Larsen October/November/December 2016 Several significant events will have already occurred or will occur in the period covered by this issue of The Hastening Times. Most notably, the Priesthood Assembly reported here by David Van Fleet, the Women’s Retreat reported by Marci Damon, and a presidential election. As reported by…

Priesthood Assembly

December 14, 2015

PRIESTHOOD ASSEMBLY 2015 October, November, December 2015 For many years now the First Presidency has called for an assembly of the priesthood of the Remnant Church to gather at the Center Place for a weekend of study, worship, fellowship, and association with each other. Men have responded and have come from all portions of the…

Abundance in the Lord’s Terms

September 26, 2014

Abundance in the Lord’s Terms by Bishop Jerry Sherer There are those who have walked the earth with great abundance but were individuals who have actually had very few material possessions: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David, and Lehi, to name a few and who testified that in order to have True Life, there must be…

Thoughts On General Conference

August 18, 2014

Thoughts On General Conference by David R. Van Fleet The April 2014 General Conference was a great blessing for many; less so for some. We are glad for those for whom it was a blessing, and wish we could offer encouragement to any who might have been disappointed.  For me this conference was one of…


March 7, 2019

DATES TO REMEMBER Event                                                                   Date (2019)                                   …

Editorial Comment

October 11, 2016

Editorial Comment Jul/Aug/Sep 2016 The summer of 2016 will be looked upon with many fond memories for the many activities and events which took place in the life of the Saints of the Remnant Church.  As each year seems to do, the many activities of the Church appear to gain momentum, going faster and faster,…


Senior High Camp

October 2, 2014

Senior High Camp was held from June 14 through the 21 at Blackgum, Oklahoma. Twenty-four campers gathered for the week with eleven staff members, led by Richard and Rebecca Paris. Laura VanBiber, Taylor Foreman, Christina Purvis and Rebecca Paris served as female counselors. Chris Gussman, Jeff Williams, Austin Purvis, and Dan Keleher served as male…

Whatever It Takes

August 14, 2014

Whatever It Takes Bound For The Kingdom!Presiding Bishop W. Kevin Romer In the year 2000, as the Lord was moving mightily to renew His Church again upon the earth, the Remnant Saints semi-formally adopted the mantra, “WHATEVER IT TAKES.” The Lord was again calling those that heard His voice to come together. Many people responded, being willing and obedient towards…

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Remembering Leland V. Collins

August 1, 2019

Remembering Leland V. Collins  Patriarch Leland V. Collins, who has served in that office since 2013, passed away the morning of August 1, 2019 in his home at the age of 70. Leland has held various priesthood offices since he was ordained as an Elder in November of 1979. He was admired for his love of…

Editorial Comment Issue 67

July 14, 2016

Editorial Comment Issue 67 Apr/May/June 2016 Being accountable to God for your actions is one of the first lessons taught in the script of the Bible. Lucifer (in the guise of a serpent) beguiled Eve into partaking of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eve then persuaded Adam to…

Geneseo Reunion – 2015

September 2, 2015

GENESO REUNION – 2015 July/August/September 2015 – By Robert Murie Each year, when we try to write an article about the Geneseo Reunion, it gets harder and harder to do so. How do you keep saying that it just keeps getting better and better? For those Saints who have never attended this particular reunion, or…

Bountiful Dedication/Consecration

March 5, 2019

Bountiful Dedication/Consecration: September 9, 2018 By Aaronic High Priest W. Kevin Romer “As an ensign to the world, and a demonstration that man can live together in peace and harmony with his neighbor, exercising stewardships, utilizing inheritances, and not being unduly influenced by Babylon, it is necessary to provide for close community living. To that end, as…

Editorial Comment – Issue 66

March 16, 2016

Editorial Comment – Issue 66 January/February/March 2016 April of each year is a time of great expectation and anticipation for the Remnant Church. The Saints have already spent several weeks, perhaps months, planning and getting ready for the week-long experience of General Conference. They come for the worship opportunities, the fellowship of family and friends’…


Vacation Church School

October 2, 2014

With 75 to 80 children in attendance, the Center Place Vacation Church School was a busy place from July 14-17. The theme was “Stepping Stones to Zion.” We centered our thoughts on the Jaredites from the Book of Mormon, from the time of the tower to the promised land. There were nearly 35 adult staff,…

Ambassadors for Zion – Issue 77

March 6, 2019

Ambassadors for Zion…JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH YOUTH IN MISSION by High Priest Corwyn L. Mercer, General Church Youth Leader Vol. 20 Number 1 Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2019 Issue No. 77 “And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.For if ye forgive men their trespasses, who trespass against you, your heavenly Fatherwill also…


Junior High Camp

October 2, 2014

From June 7 through the 14 Junior High age children gathered at Blackgum, Oklahoma to learn about Jesus and to enjoy fellowship. We gathered with the theme of “Mission Possible: Eternal Life,” sharing in classes, crafts, activities and food. The week began with twenty-two children, fourteen boys and eight girls, and ended with twenty children.…

Memorial 1

Memorial for President Frederick N. Larsen

May 2, 2019

In Memory of Frederick Niels Larsen On the evening of April 26, 2019 our President, Prophet, Seer and Revelator, Frederick Niels Larsen passed to the eternal realm. Brother Larsen leaves the saints with a legacy of faith and commitment to doing the Lord’s work.

Editorial Comment – Issue 65

December 14, 2015

Editorial Comment – Issue 65 October, November, December 2015 This issue of The Hastening Times covers the fourth quarter of the 2015 year. In it are various articles and pictures from the fall Priesthood Assembly and the Women’s Retreat. However, this time period also brings us to the recognition of two holidays celebrated by most…


Geneseo Reunion

October 2, 2014

In some ways, to call the 2014 Geneseo Reunion a “Working in Harmony” reunion doesn’t do justice to what the Saints experienced. Too often, the ideal of “working in harmony” is looked upon as “working at harmony” and this was absolutely as far from the truth as can be. From the outset, the Geneseo Reunion…