Tentative Special Conference Agenda

May 14, 2019

Tentative Agenda Special Conference June 28 – 30, 2019   The registration form and tentative agenda for the special conference to be held June 28-30, 2019, may be found here and under the Forms tab at the top of the home page.   Tentative Agenda Special Conference   Registration Form Special Conference

Editorial Comment Issue 64

September 2, 2015

Editorial Comment Issue 64 July/August/September 2015                                                     Many years ago, as a member of Zion’s League and living in the St. Louis, MO area, an event, though somewhat inconsequential at the moment, has given me the opportunity to reflect several times upon what happened and its lasting lesson learned – although not fully understood until…


Center Place Reunion

October 2, 2014

The 2014 Center Place Reunion was held at The Gathering Place in Independence. The reunion theme was “Be Ye Doers of the Word….. Becoming Full Time Saints.” The daily themes explored necessary steps to lift us to a higher spiritual level: “Live By Every Word,” “One Thing Thou Lackest…..Coming Out of Babylon,” “By Your Works,”…

President Frederick Neils Larsen – Issue 78

July 3, 2019

President Frederick Niels Larsen January 15, 1932 – April 26, 2019   On Friday, April 26, 2019, Frederick (Fred) Niels Larsen, loving husband and father of five children, passed away at the age of 87, at home with his family. Fred was born on January 15, 1932, in Kansas City, Missouri, to Edward J, Larsen, a Danish immigrant, and…

Editorial Comment Issue 63

June 17, 2015

Editorial Comment . . .             Time, as we generally understand or define it, is measured as the period between two or more events. For those of us in the role of leadership for the Remnant Church, the events of particular significance are our General Conferences, family reunions, and our Priesthood Assembly/Women’s Retreat. As of…


Idaho Reunion

October 2, 2014

In one of the most beautiful mountain settings, the Saints from the Pacific Northwest met at Camp Cascade at the foot of gorgeous West Mountain located approximately eight miles south of Cascade, OR. Not only did we have a fairly large contingent of Saints from our area, but we were blessed to have many other…

The Remnant

July 3, 2019

The Remnant By Bishop Donald B. Owens Volume 20, Number 2 May/Jun/Jul/Aug 2019 Issue No. 78 This article was written by Bishop Owens for another Restoration publication in 1988.It is reprinted here with permission.   As a child, my first recollection of the use of the word remnant had to do with a “remnant bag” that…

Editorial Comment Issue 62

April 7, 2015

As the April General Conference of 1925 neared, President Frederick M. Smith sensed the need to bring to the membership an urgency of the times. “The hastening time is here and greater unity than ever before is necessary if the forces of opposition are to be met” (Doctrine and Covenants 135:2b). In the same vein,…


Oklahoma Reunion

October 2, 2014

Oklahoma Reunion The theme for this year’s Oklahoma Reunion held on the campus of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College in Miami, OK was “Power From on High.” And true to our theme, we were powerfully blessed by the Spirit of God once again. The college campus, with the help and support from the staff members, more…

Your Patriarchal Blessing

March 6, 2019

Your Patriarchal Blessing – A Gift from God by Presiding Patriarch Carl Vun Cannon, Jr. Vol. 20, Numer 1 Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2019 Issue No. 77 Throughout the years of the history of mankind, God has provided various events in our lives that he hopes will stabilize and stay the course on our journey of life back into his presence. Some…


Iowa Reunion

September 30, 2014

We once again met on that beautiful hill at Guthrie Center Reunion Grounds and the Lord did indeed meet us there. We were blessed by the preached word, by outstanding teaching, by worshipping together, by our combined singing, and by the association of those who believed as we do, in the coming forth of the…

God’s Abundant Harvest

March 5, 2019

God’s Abundant Harvest Consecrated Saints, with Gods Help, Creating Increase and Surplus by Aaronic High Priest W. Kevin Romer Vol. 20, Number 1 Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2019 Issue No. 77 In May of 2018, I met with the young children who live at Bountiful, teaching them that God is a God of abundance. Bishop Joe Ben Stone, the property and…

Center Place Reunion – 2015

September 2, 2015

CENTER PLACE REUNION – 2015 July/August/September 2015 – By Terry W. Patience The Center Place In-Town Reunion is now complete. At the beginning of the week we had 82 people registered. Of those, we had about 15 youth attending. I know that there were more people who attended different classes and services throughout the week,…

Editorial Comment Vol. 15, Number 3

September 26, 2014

Editorial Comment “Aint it Funnny, How Time Slips Away” is the title of an old song that can be recalled by many of us who are part of the older generation.  Anyone over fifty years old can recall so many events of the past years which have left their marks upon our memories.  It still…

April 21, 2020 – Letter from the First Presidency

April 20, 2020

April 21, 2020 – Letter from the First Presidency     The First Presidency of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sends greetings to church members and friends.  Just as each of you are trying to determine how best to serve God and how best to serve and feed His sheep,…

Visitors Center Update

March 5, 2019

Visitors Center Update By Apostle Terry and Cindy Patience Vol. 20, Number 1 Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2019 Issue No. 77 As many of you know, the church has been in the process of putting together a Visitors Center in the headquarters building. There were many projects that had to be done before it would be presentable. The question was, how presentable?…

Idaho Reunion – 2015

September 2, 2015

IDAHO REUNION – 2015 – By Morgan Wigle and Jim Watkins What a wonderful reunion we had in Cascade, Idaho. We were blessed with the wonderful Spirit of peace and unity, the weather was beautiful, warm in the daytime and cool in the evening, for excellent campfires and sleeping. It also allowed us to have…

Editorial Comment

August 18, 2014

Editorial Comment….. Several years ago a study was conducted by a prominent university back east regarding the emergence of butterflies from their chrysalis stage.  It seems that those investigators wanted to note the effects, under controlled conditions, of the process of life for the butterflies as they would transition from one stage of development into…

The Presidential Tour

March 5, 2019

The Presidential Tour By James Vun Cannon, Counselor to the First Presidency Volume 20, Number 1, Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2019 Issue No. 77 Our church is a very busy place, and sometimes we do not realize that the church is working and providing ministry almost around the clock. The First Presidency desires to share the current direction of…