Saintly Living & Church Ordinances

Living the Saintly Life

Holy Ordinances and Covenants

All of the church ordinances relate to a special time of commitment - those times when an eternal decision is made, one not just for today, or for our life on this earth. Those ordinances that are performed through the Remnant Church are the distinctive things that impact our eternal existence. In the ordinances lives are changed, redirected, and empowered. In the ordinances, He meets the committing one with assurance. All of this is made possible because God is willing to confront mankind in the ordinances of His Church, to the end that they are divinely provided for our benefit and our salvation.

The most sacred point in Church experience is where God and mankind are consciously and mutually brought together and find agreement. Covenant is agreement! . Doctrine & Covenants 45:2d: ''And even so I have sent mine everlasting covenant into the world, to be a light to the world, and to be a standard for my people and for the Gentiles to seek to it, and to be a messenger before my face to prepare the way before me." Our Lord God has made covenant with us! In no manner, in no degree, and at no time will He break that covenant. He will not withdraw it or alter it; He has decreed it, and it is His will to fulfill it. The only aspect of that covenant that now remains uncertain, or in some form of un-fulfillment, is our response. To "hear" the word of the Lord is not merely to listen to spoken sentences. To "hear" the word of the Lord in the Scriptural sense is to respond in faith with one's whole being.