The Designation and Calling of
W. Kevin Romer
As A Literal Descendent of Aaron
February 22, 2015

At the Aaronic Priesthood Retreat of the Remnant Church, held on the weekend of February 20-22, 2015, it became clear to the President of the Remnant Church and the High Priesthood (Frederick N. Larsen), that this was an opportune and appropriate time to bring forth the call of a literal descendant to the office of Presiding Bishop. This calling was revealed to the President/Prophet of this Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints many months previous, but waited for an independent confirmation from another member of the First Presidency. It was determined to make this call known to the Church prior to or at the April 2015 General Conference. However, this Aaronic Retreat offered the right timing.

At the close of the Communion Service on Sunday, April 22nd, I arose to bring a few comments regarding the importance of the just-concluded instructional and worshipful weekend with its emphasis on the pathway to Christ as illustrated in the Tabernacle model which lay before us and the description of the parting of the veil as recorded in Matthew, the 27th chapter.

After a few moments, the mantle of prophecy came upon me and the Spirit directed me toward our Presiding Bishop, W. Kevin Romer.

1a. “Thus saith the Spirit to my servant W. Kevin Romer. It has been revealed that your inheritance is from the tribe of Levi and you are a first born son of Aaron, thus you have claim on that long-awaited fulfillment laid down in Sections 68 and 104 of our Doctrine and Covenants. You shall have the prerogative to serve with or without counselors.

1b. You have served selflessly and worthily as the Presiding Bishop in the restoration of my Church through your Melchisedec ministry and are now called to serve as an Aaronic High Priest and President of the Aaronic Priesthood with greater-than-ever responsibility for the temporal affairs of the Church in bringing to pass my earthly Kingdom, even Zion.

2. A more complete understanding of your role as Presiding Bishop, with this new designation and ministry, will come forth with time. As for now, plans should be put in place so that you may be anointed and ordained at the upcoming General Conference. Amen.”

President Frederick N. Larsen
President of the Church

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