Preparing a righteous people for building the Kingdom of God.

1a I, the Lord, desire that the church see the holy sanctuary as a place for worship, which is beyond what you have known, and as a sign that my Remnant Church is moving forward in the preparations for my return, and for worship in a temple.

1b It is acceptable that the church be conservative with expenses when building this place of worship and sharing with the Holy Spirit.

1c I say again that a focus which is on a higher spiritual level of relationship with me is necessary as my church prepares for what is to come. Remember the covenants. Remember to be sacrificial. The holy sanctuary and the activities therein are necessary to uplift and prepare the people of the New Jerusalem.

1d I am pleased with the work done by the leadership of the church regarding the design of the holy sanctuary, for it will aid in the focus of the church as the church moves forward.

1e I am pleased with the members of the Center Congregation as they have seen the benefit of giving up their sanctuary for the blessings that will come.

1f The church has been admonished to explore what the function of the temple might be. You have delayed in the exploration of those functions because you did not consider that you could afford a place for such a dwelling.

2 Do not become concerned at this time about placing a dwelling on the Temple Lot. This will yet come as the church grows, and the church of the Firstborn returns, and as you work for the promised endowments. Those endowments will come as you read, study, and obey, and prepare yourselves for the ministry you are to do. This preparation comes from relationship with the Spirit and the Lord.

3a The Father is pleased with your sacrifices, but more may be expected of you. Do not be too comfortable where you are. Repent of those things that block your progress. The life of the church is more than you currently understand.

3b Living in my Kingdom means that you totally give yourself to God's ways. The scriptures give you many guidelines, but not all that celestial living requires. Traditions are good, but they are traditions. Men of earlier days were given activities to teach and train them for living with me. As those activities are studied, ask yourself why they may be important, and how they may reveal God and His ways. Do not look only to the past and continue to look to the future.

4 Do not forget that the principles of surplus are valuable to move the church forward.

5a There are many people who want to be a part of the church but may not know where to look. The world needs to see an example of the church functioning using the principles of my ways.

5b Remember that I am always looking after those who want to follow me.

6 It is acceptable to me that the three congregations in Independence be folded into one congregation. Rejoice in this move as it will help the ministry of the church to move forward. Remember also that when the church grows, more congregations may come forth.

7 Again, I say unto you that it is wisdom that those who can, gather to Jackson County to help build up my Zion, and to help the members of my church grow personally, and to continue to progress toward the endowments they seek.

8 You are commended for your spiritual unity of the last few years, but also be aware that more work can be done on reconciliation with one another, forgiving each other, and dealing justly with each other. Members of the body of Christ should be willing to put aside personal agendas which might disrupt the fellowship in my church. If you call upon the name of Christ, make sure that your actions reflect that pattern of love.

9 My children still dwell too much in Babylon, selfishness, and narrow-mindedness. God's ways must prevail as you prepare for the future.
Thus, saith the Spirit to my Church.

Terry W. Patience
President of the Church
Independence, Missouri, April 9, 2022