Elbert Rogers


Though he was not active in church when he was growing up, Elbert decided in 1971 to encourage his new bride to attend church with him. He determined the best way to encourage someone to attend church is to go with that person, so he began attending again with her at his side. His influence brought his wife, Coral Rogers into the church. From there, his relationship with the Lord expanded into an unshakable bond. The more he learned, the more he wanted to know. This knowledge sustained and comforted him through some dark times in his life.

Elbert H. Rogers began his priesthood journey in 1975 when he was ordained to the office of Teacher, where he helped his East Tulsa branch for 13 years. In 1988, Elbert was called and ordained to the office of Priest and faithfully served in this capacity for 7 years. After he was ordained to the office of Elder in 1995, he became pastor over his branch for 4 years. He was still an Elder when he transferred to the Remnant Church in January 2005 and attended the Sperry branch. Still as an Elder, he became pastor for 4 years. While he was pastor, Elbert was called and ordained to the office of High Priest. During his last year as pastor at Sperry, he was recommended by the First Presidency and approved by the South Central District to become the first District President in this area of the Remnant Church.

In 2020 while he was working in this capacity, Elbert was called to the office of Bishop to serve as one of the counselors to the Presiding Bishop Kevin Romer. Shortly before his call to Bishop, Elbert and Coral strongly felt the time was now to move to Independence. They moved as quickly as possible and in November 2020, they settled in at the First Congregation in Independence, Missouri. The Lord has continued to uphold Elbert and his family and they are still learning all they can about God and His ways, sharing whenever and wherever they go.