Friday Mbaoma

Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda

Seventy Friday Mbaoma was introduced to the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by a close friend and was baptized into that church in 1995. In the years that followed, he and a group of his countrymen discovered the website of the Remnant Church and began to explore and study the information it contained and found what was included there to have great interest to them. After making contact with Remnant Church officials, Apostle Steve Church and President Robert Ostrander traveled to Lagos, Nigeria to meet with Brother Mbaoma and others in November 2006. It was during this time that Brother Friday was ordained to the office of Elder and given the responsibility of leadership for the newly formed Remnant Church in Nigeria.

During the year 2008, Brother Friday was asked to travel to Uganda to visit with a group who had expressed a desire to learn more of the Remnant Church. He brought ministry to them, baptizing, confirming and ordaining several men into leadership roles at that time.

It was during the General Conference of April 2010 that Brother Friday was ordained to the office of Seventy, granting him the ability to preach, teach, and minister under the unique authority of that office of priesthood. Later that same summer, Seventy Samuel Dyer, III traveled to Nigeria and spent several weeks with Brother Friday. Together they traveled throughout Nigeria and to Uganda and Kenya, opening new missions, baptizing and confirming many, and establishing priesthood authority in many places. Many administrations and baby blessings were also conducted during these weeks of ministry.

Brother Friday was married to Sister Elizabeth Amaike of Umueze Ohia, Umuahia in 1983. They have three children, Goodness Nneka Nwalu of Abuja, Grace Chioma Mbaoma of Lagos, and Ifeanyi Emmanuel Mbaoma of Lagos. Brother Friday and Sister Elizabeth are presently living in Olodi Apaap, Lagos State, Nigeria. They have one grandchild, Treasure Adaku Nwalu. Brother Mbaoma will soon retire from the service of the Federal Government of Nigeria (Federal Government Press).

All of the members of Brother Friday’s family are members of the Remnant Church, including his mother, Sister Roseline Ezihe Mbaoma. Brother and Sister Mbaoma strongly believe that the Remnant Church is the rightful continuation of the original Church of Christ restored on earth through Joseph Smith, Jr. Brother Friday has an outstanding ministry even as he looks forward to the future to continue his missionary work to the world.