K. Bruce Terry


I was raised of goodly Parents in Independence, MO. In our family was 4 brothers and a sister. We were taught at an early age the differences of right from wrong, the gospel of Jesus Christ, to work hard, appreciate what we had and to be in Church when the doors were open. I am married to the Love of my life (Laura) for 34 years. Together we have 6 children and 27 grandchildren with more on the way.

Growing up, I was a camp nut and always enjoyed going to the camps and reunions every year. In the summer months on Sunday evenings, the branches would meet at the Campus, held outside. As a young boy we would sit on a blanket close to the front and listen to Arthur Oakmen, Henry Schafer, Al Pelletier and many others. I often share with the youth of the day, this is how you build a strong foundation. I relate this to a large Oak tree, we are not able to see the foundation of the root system that holds these massive trees in place and when the storms come, they grow more.  When those storms of life come at us, we can learn and grow as well.

Twenty years ago in Blackgum, OK., while preparing to stand and speak, the first song was Amazing Grace, the words came alive, – the words rang out- “The hour I first believed.” It made me realize that I’ve always believed, even when I felt those storms of life consuming me. It was the strong foundation and the faith of being raised to know God’s promises are true.

We the men of the Seventy, look forward to serving whenever we can and wherever we can. We all need to remember, who we are and whose we are.