Keith Cruickshank

President Priest Quorum

I was raised on a farm near Cameron, Missouri and attended the congregation there until I went to Graceland College. I Graduated from Graceland College with a degree in Business Administration and Economics.

After college I worked in photography taking photos in department stores of adults and children. It was a traveling job and I was based in Blue Springs, MO. I traveled for my job and then a couple years later moved to Blue Springs with a change in my job to work in the office doing many office jobs. The photography owner retired and I had to find a new job. The Holy Spirit led me to the banking field.

I worked in banking over 32 years mainly as a bank Teller. I retired in 2013 from Banking.

First ordained a Deacon and functioned in that office several years and then ordained a Priest in 1988.

I have been Bishops Agent at Blue Springs branch for 20 years and President of the Priests Quorum for 10 years.