Roger D. Schuelke

We attended the Oak Cliff Branch in Dallas, TX of the Reorganized Church. In 1986, our church building was sold and we were without a church. We prayed for direction, but over time we lost our hope. We could not find the Lord’s Church. When you have a void in your life, sin seems to come in and fill it. We were lost for many years, and it became dark days for us.

In January of 2005, my wife and I heard a scripture and when we returned home we read and studied that scripture. We were touched by the Spirit – I recognized it, I had felt the Spirit before. We found five years of The Hastening Times that we had never read. We began to read them, and once again we were filled with the Holy Spirit. We read and studied all day every day. By April of 2005, we were sure we had found the Lord’s Church. We joined the Remnant Church.