Terry W. Patience


My early church years were spent in a small strong congregation of the RLDS church in southwest Iowa. In my late teens we moved to Omaha and my family participated in a very active congregation in Omaha. While in these congregations, my parents provided the opportunity to attend church as often as possible and that included many youth camps. It was during these experiences that I first learned to feel of the Spirit and came to the knowledge of God’s love for his children. Because of this knowledge, I chose to serve whenever I could and to choose a partner that was also aware of His love and wanted to serve.

After our marriage, Cindy and I worked in various congregations throughout the Omaha-Council Bluffs Stake and one congregation in Sioux City, Iowa, mostly as youth leaders which included serving as a leader for youth camps. As I was not yet a priesthood member, it was at one of these camps that I found myself pondering about any future calls to the Priesthood that I might have. Later, during that same camp, the camp pastor came to me and told me that I should not concern myself about this and that there would be callings for me.

A few months past and on the night of our second daughter’s birth, I happened to meet our Presiding Elder in the hospital elevator and he informed that I was being called to the office of Priest. Thus started a new aspect of my life; lead by a greater assurance that God is still actively engaged in our lives and desires that we heed His councils.

Later, my service continued as I served as a Presiding Elder in a small branch and learned even more about the Spirit’s leadings and God’s love for his children. This continued until frustrations with the church’s direction caused us to look for new places to worship and feel the Spirit’s movement amongst His children.

A few years later we found the Remnant Church on the web and decided to take an explorative visit to Independence. When we pulled onto the drive at First Branch, I felt the Spirit whisper that this was the place. As we were sitting in the sanctuary, I decided to randomly open my scriptures. I began reading in the 5th chapter of Alma, verses 32 and beyond. It read: “For I perceive that ye are in the paths of righteousness: I perceive that ye are in the path which leads to the Kingdom of God.” As I was reading the spirit filled me and again confirmed that the truth of His work was here.

That began our path into the Remnant Church. Our spiritual walk was again increased as we began attending at the Missouri Valley Branch. After a couple of years there, we were lead to gather to Independence. Now, a calling has come that it is far beyond what I imagined at that camp, a call to spread the Gospel He has for His children and to help them understand the wonderful possibilities He has in store for them. I have a testimony that the calling is from He who guides us all and that He will strengthen us in this service.

I confirm to all that Christ is alive and working with all who will listen to his voice and heed His councils. As we, the people of His church, look for those who will listen and learn, may His Spirit guide us to them and strengthen us all in our ability to share the testimony of the work in these perilous times.