Revelation given through Joseph Smith III in March 1863. It is addressed to the elders of the church. The revelation was approved by the 1863 annual conference and inserted in the Doctrine and Covenants by authority of the semiannual conference of 1878.

1a Hearken unto me, O ye elders of my church. Lo! I have seen your efforts in my cause, and they are pleasing unto me.
1b I declare unto you, It is my will that you ordain and set apart my servant William Marks to be a counselor to my servant Joseph, even the president of my church, that the first presidency of my church may be more perfectly filled.
1c And moreover it is expedient in me that my elders in going to declare my gospel to the nations, shall observe the pattern which I have given.
1d Two by two let them be sent, that they may be a help and a support to each other in their ministry.
1e Press onward, ye elders and people of my church, even my little flock, and as I have spoken to you in times past, so will I speak again to you as my friends, inasmuch as you speak in my name; and lo! I am Alpha and Omega, and will be with you unto the end. Amen.

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