Following the passing of President Israel A. Smith in 1958, a pattern of reinterpreting the commandments and covenants began to unfold in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Among the more obvious would be the ordination of women, introduction of open communion, and a diminution of Zion and the Gathering. Eventually, these changes culminated in the name, given by revelation, being changed to “Community of Christ.” Throughout the years, beginning in 1984, scores of branches and thousands of former members left the old fellowship. During this period many attempts were made by well-meaning individuals and groups, all without success, in bringing about a true return to the original faith. The emergence of what would become known as the “Remnant” began to unfold by 1998, and in due course, to this faithful body, came the posterity of Joseph Smith Jr.

From the “Proclamation and Invitation to the Faithful” (May 18, 1999) to the Interim Council of High Priests (July 17, 1999) to the calling of the seven Apostles forming the Quorum of Twelve (September 23, 2000), the work of renewing and restoring the Church went forward under the direction of the Holy Spirit and in harmony with the pattern of Reorganization in 1853-1860. The coming forth of a President of the High Priesthood, to again restore the organic structure of the Church, had been on the hearts and in the prayers of the Saints for many years. Finally in April 2002 one of lineal descent from Joseph Smith, Jr., founder and prophet of the original 1830 Church of Jesus Christ, came forward in response to a divine call to that office. The revelation which follows was presented to the Quorums, Orders and membership at the General Conference April 6, 2002 where it was unanimously received as the mind and will of God to his servant Frederick N. Larsen, and to the Church. By further action of the Conference it was ordered to be included in the Doctrine and Covenants.

To my servant Frederick Niels Larsen by the Voice of Inspiration and to the Church Assembled:

1 a. “In answer to your inquiry regarding the needs of my Church, the following is given: My servant, David W. Bowerman, who has labored tirelessly and diligently for so many years as a true and faithful servant of mine now needs the burden he has carried to be shared more fully by one who has the lawful right of lineage to the prophetic office.
b. It is time to take one more step in the renewal of my Church. Requisites for your preparation have now been met and you are now called to take your place as President of the High Priesthood and President of my Church in these last days.

2 My Church has languished long without prophetic leadership and if you, my son, serve in humility and faithfulness I will bless you as a Prophet, Seer and Revelator to my people in these last days.

3 Even though I have revealed unto you those chosen to be your counselors in the Quorum of the First Presidency, it is only given at this time that my servant David W. Bowerman’s apostleship is to be extended in presidency. He is called from among the brethren of the Quorum of Twelve and is to be set apart as a counselor in the First Presidency as soon as practicable.

4 The Quorum of Twelve is now freed of their interim administrative responsibilities for the Church and should now move out in vigor to prosecute more fully the missionary work. In their reorganization, they are free to choose their own officers as dictated by prayer and wisdom. In mine own due time others will be called to fill the Quorum.

5 The principle of Stewardship in my Church is required of all and the calling and work of the Bishopric should be sought out in earnest. Only then can the gathering of my people be completed according to the Law.

6 a. As given in previous revelation: ‘It is yet day when all can work. The night will come when for many of my people opportunity to assist will have passed.’
b. This counsel is even more portentous now than then and the mantle of leadership will be yours to prepare my people before the night comes.

7a. The Spirit says further: ‘Continue, my faithful Remnant, in the spirit of unity to strengthen your faith, to spread the love of Christ to a sin sick world, to study to understand the fullness of my Gospel, and if you do, you will be blessed beyond measure.
b. The Kingdom of God awaits your response. Make ready for the bridegroom.’ Amen.”

Respectfully submitted, FREDERICK N. LARSEN

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