Renewal of the Church, in harmony with the pattern which guided formation of the Reorganization, had been, and was continuing to instruct the Remnant cause. As part of ongoing preparation, the First Presidency called for an assembly of the priesthood in October 2003. It was at this assembly that President Frederick N. Larsen presented the following revelation. It received unanimous endorsement by each quorum and order, along with the recommendation that approval be obtained from the next General Conference as requested. The eagerly awaited designation of one to serve as Presiding Bishop would bring great comfort and hope to the membership at large. On April 3, 2004 the General Conference unanimously approved the revelation as the will of the Lord for His Church and provided for its inclusion in the Doctrine and Covenants.

Having given careful and prayerful consideration to the needs of the Church, particularly regarding the office of the Bishopric, and in response to what I perceived as divine guidance in the early morning hours of September 1, 2003 and additionally confirmed in direct petition to our heavenly Father on September 19, 2003, the following is presented to the priesthood in quorums assembled on October 26, 2003:

1 The Spirit of Inspiration through my servant the President of the High Priesthood and of the Church directs that it is now time to implement more fully the temporal law of my Church. It shall be in fulfillment of, and according to, the pattern given previously in my law.

2 a. My servant W. Kevin Romer, if willing to serve, is now called from among his brethren of the High Priesthood to the office of Presiding Bishop of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He has a deep abiding faith and testimony of the divinity and renewal of my Church, and if he accepts, will be blessed with all the powers of heaven at his disposal.
b. This call is made now because the time grows short for the redemption of my Zion, and the work of the Bishopric must proceed with all haste. Preparation must be made before the next General Conference in order that the work towards fulfillment of the temporal law may be hastened.

3 a. My servant Kevin Romer shall be free to select his counselors as wisdom and inspiration direct.
b. This calling also bestows upon my servant the office of President of the Aaronic Priesthood, which priesthood has the power to administer
the outward ordinances and the ministering of angels. This is in harmony with the covenants and commandments already given.

4 Opportunity for approval of this call should be granted to the priesthood quorums here assembled, and later, approval afforded to the membership body at the next General Conference.

5 a. The Spirit directs further: I have set in my Church those offices of priesthood necessary to bring to pass the building of my earthly Kingdom-even Zion. It is now the duty of every man called to priesthood office to magnify his calling and make preparation before the night comes.
b. I will honor those who respond in righteousness with the powers of heaven, for it will require those powers for the work that lies ahead.
c. Continue to seek the endowment you so eagerly look for, which
will only come through the further sanctification of your everyday lives.

6 a. I have blessed you thus far, my little flock, speaking concerning the membership at large, with many gifts and my Holy Spirit as you have followed the pattern in the restitution of my Church.
b. Continue to be faithful, humble, and unified in your worship and service to me and, as promised earlier, my Zion will unfold before you. Thus saith the Spirit. Amen.


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