In mid-2003 Elder P. James Buchman found it necessary, for personal reasons, to resign from the First Presidency, leaving that quorum without a third member. During the weeks preceding the 2004 General Conference, President Larsen received the following revelation which provided for filling the First Presidency by the naming of Elder Wayne A. Bartrow of the Quorum of Twelve and the addition of Elder Casper Kaat to the latter Quorum. Each of these brethren, along with the Presiding Bishop Designate, would be ordained at appropriate services during the 2004 Conference. Presiding Bishop Designate Romer had selected High Priests Gregory A. Turner and Albert V. Burdick to be his counselors. At this same conference, by a letter of instruction from President Larsen, Elder Conrad
R. Faulk would be “blessed,” according to historic precedent, to serve as Acting Presiding Patriarch. In addition to the foregoing provisions, the Church was once again called to consecrate its energy and resources to building up the kingdom of God on earth. By a unanimous vote the Conference authorized inclusion of the revelation in the Doctrine and Covenants.

As time for the General Conference has approached, and in fulfilling my role as Prophet, Seer and Revelator, I have presented the needs of the Church to our Heavenly Father. In earnest prayer for guidance, the following was received by the Voice of Inspiration on March 10, 2004. It was received as a quickening of the mind and felt in the depths of my soul. It is now presented to the Quorums and Councils of the Church and to the membership for their concurrence as divine guidance.

Thus saith the Spirit:

1 a. The responsibility of the First Presidency to carry forth the work of my Church must continue in earnest as time grows short for the building up of my Kingdom on earth.
b. To complete the Quorum, it is expedient in me that one who has served faithfully as an Apostle in my Church is now called to the Presidency.
c. Therefore, let my servant Elder Wayne A. Bartrow be set apart as a Counselor to the President of the High Priesthood and a member of the Quorum of the First Presidency. His witness of my Gospel, both in the written and spoken word, is a delight unto me, and I will continue to bless him with power from on high.

2 a. The Quorum of Twelve have been diligent in their calling, and though at times discouraged by the lack of response to my Gospel message, great things lie ahead for them in the days to come. I will continue to go with them as they reach out to all who will listen.
b. Their numbers should be increased, and to that end, Elder Casper Kaat is chosen to be a special witness to my people and unto the world. He is now called to the High Priesthood and should be set apart as an Apostle in the Quorum of Twelve.
c. He has a vibrant testimony of the Latter Day Restoration of my Gospel and will be a blessing to many.

By further direction of the Spirit:
3 a. You, my people, have demonstrated, by your adherence to the law given in my word, that in your unity you have found strength to overcome the temptations around you.
3 b. Through sacrifice and discipline in your lives your righteousness will allow you to receive my power, for it will require power from on high to overcome and build up my Kingdom, even Zion, in these last days.

4 a. Great blessings will come to you, my faithful remnant, as you implement the temporal portion of my Celestial Law now to be set before you by the Bishop. He, and those who counsel him, are a blessing unto me, and their guidance will assist in leading you into the paths of my Zion. Much will be required of you, but great will be the blessings.

b. Many are once again seeing the light that shines in the darkness, and as they see your righteousness and the unfolding of my Zion, they too will come to join your ranks.

5 a. Stand steadfast my people, for the buffeting of Satan will attempt to thwart your efforts to prepare yourselves for my coming.
b. But remember, remember I am with you even to the end.
c. Behold, I desire to come quickly; prepare the Bride for the
marriage; trim your lamps; sanctify yourselves; and be secure in the
knowledge that my endowing power awaits your response. Thus saith
the Spirit. Amen.

Respectfully submitted, FREDERICK N. LARSEN


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