As the April 2005 General Conference approached, considerable interest was generated in anticipation of receiving further direction and instruction from the Lord. After receiving overwhelming support from the Quorums and Orders of the Priesthood, an Inspired Document was presented to the Conference on Sunday, April 2. When the vote was called for, the assembly stood as one in testimony of it being the mind and will of God, authorizing it to be added to the canon of latter day scripture and published in the Doctrine and Covenants.
The work of bringing forth the Kingdom of God was again emphasized as the focal point of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ. New opportunities for missionary outreach were being received in fulfillment of divine promises. The Bishopric was busy with applications of saints seeking to adhere to the Celestial Law of Consecration, and the calling of Bishops was a welcome reassurance from the Lord that He would call more laborers into service as they were needed. The need to implement the counsel found in the Word of Wisdom would become more important than ever, and the Church was admonished to press forward in the cause of Zion.

To the Councils, Quorums, and Orders of the Church and to the General Conference: In answer to earnest prayer for direction and guidance with regard to the needs and welfare of the Church, the following is given as divine inspiration:

1 In harmony with the inspired message given at the 2004 Kirtland Priesthood Assembly concerning the call of Bishops, it is now given that my servants High Priests Jerry A. Sherer and Donald B. Owens are called to the office of Bishop. My servant John W. Ault is called to the office of High Priest and to the office of Bishop. These brethren bring talents and gifts from their business vocations that qualify them for this work. They must study to magnify their calling and be prepared to assist the work of the Bishopric in implementing the Law of Consecration and other work of a Bishop. These brethren have accepted this calling, and if approved by the General Conference, should be ordained as soon as practicable.

2 The unity of Spirit and understanding in the various Joint Councils in their deliberations and actions is commendable, and therefore, the movement towards my Zion is steadily coming to pass. The execution of the Law of Consecration and adherence to the Celestial Law will continue to bring blessings and good fruit to my cause.

3 a. Anticipation of community building now lies before you, and steps to that end must be taken with care and thoughtful deliberation. The gathering of my people will soon come by direction from the First Presidency, but preparation by the Bishopric for implementation must be in place.
b. Reliance on continued revelatory guidance and the faithful labors of those who have been chosen to lead my people will bring to a more clear understanding the role of community in the unfolding of my Zion.

4 a. It is now time for the next step in further unifying my Saints which will be to designate the land known as Jackson County, Missouri as the “Center Place of Zion.” This geographical location will include the three current congregations and allow for a more formal organization to occur, similar to a stake.
b. Planning for this entity will take place during the next year with clearly defined guidelines set forth and reviewed by the Standing High Council with submission to the next General Conference.

The Spirit directs further:

5 It is expedient in me that counsel given previously, known as the Word of Wisdom, should now more than ever be implemented in the lives of my people. The interpretation of various portions of that counsel should be done in light of current health and nutritional guidelines. The work that lies before you will require strong and healthy bodies, and to that end the promises in that counsel are assured.

6 a. My Spirit is moving among many people not only in this land of promise, but elsewhere in the world. The Church must always be prepared to reach out and respond to those who have felt that Spirit.
b. It will be incumbent upon those responsible for the missionary work to be alert and respond to the many challenges that lie ahead as the work goes forth to other cultures. The field is white already to harvest, and the laborers are few, but I will be with you to grant discernment and wisdom as you move forward.

7 These are portentous times and the Adversary is at hand to thwart your efforts in building up my Kingdom in these last days. But if you continue in faith believing and unity of purpose, Satan will be bound up and my work will continue with you, my faithful remnant.

8 The Church is commended for the efforts being made to bring to pass my Kingdom on earth, even Zion, and I will be with you always. Remember, keep oil in your vessels and your lamps trimmed. The bridegroom awaits for the bride to be prepared.



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