The Priesthood of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints gathered in assembly on October 21-23, 2005 at the Gathering Place, Independence, Missouri. In conjunction with the Priesthood Assembly, President Frederick N. Larsen felt led to seek guidance not only to the priesthood, but to the Church as well. The following document, dated October 20, was presented to the assembly on Saturday, October 22. It received unanimous approval by each quorum and order, together with the recommendation that approval be obtained from the next General Conference. The General Conference on April 7, 2006 received and approved the Inspired Document as the mind and will of God to the Church and authorized its inclusion as R-150 in the Doctrine and Covenants.
Having sought in prayer and fasting for guidance and direction to the Church, the following is given as the expression of the divine will of God to the Quorums, Councils, Orders and membership of the Church.

1 The need for laborers in the missionary field is great, and to that end my servant Ralph W. Damon is now called to be an Apostle in the work of my Church. His abiding faith in the Gospel, personal testimony of my Son, and his passionate concern for the souls of men qualify him for this calling.

2 a. My servants High Priests Gregory A. Turner and Albert V. Burdick, having served faithfully as Counselors to the Presiding Bishop, are now called to the Office of Bishop. They will continue in their role as Counselors in the Presiding Bishopric.
b. Their office and those of the other Bishops constitute the Order of Bishops and are presided over by the Presiding Bishop of the Church.
c. These calls and the counsel following should be presented for approval to the Priesthood assembled October 21-23, 2005 and subsequently to the General Conference of April 2006.

Further direction of the Spirit:

3 a. You my faithful Remnant have not, as yet, fully understood the purpose for which I have called you forth in these last days. You have brought renewal to my Church, but have not fully grasped the vision of the building up of my Kingdom. My coming still awaits the establishment of my Zion.
b. You, above all, my people should be attuned to the signs of the times. Can you not see that political upheaval, economic adversity, decline in morality, and even natural calamities are at your door? Troubled times lie ahead for this, my land of promise.
c. It is yet day, the night will soon come. Be prepared.

4 a. More laborers are needed for the harvest. Therefore, greater efforts than ever before are required for your valiant testimony of the saving grace of my Son to the world around you.
b. Those called specifically to reach out, mine Apostles and Seventy, must move out in great faith, spreading the Word to all who will hear, preparing them for the day when they will come to Zion.

5 a. Jackson County, Missouri and the regions round about have always been and are still the designated place for Zion, even the New Jerusalem. It is the designated area for The Gathering of my people.
b. According to law already given, adherence to the Law of Consecration is required alike of all those who gather. The Bishopric are commended for their implementation of the consecration of my people thus far and should continue pressing for compliance by all those who will participate.
c. Many in times past have come to the “Center Place” as a commitment to “gather” and as such should be considered so. They occupy a place in Zion. However, since “laying all things before the Bishop” is a requirement of the gathering and consecration, compliance with that law is required.

6 a. As an ensign to the world and a demonstration that man can live together in peace and harmony with his neighbor, exercising stewardships, utilizing inheritances, and not being unduly influenced by Babylon, it is necessary to provide for close community living. To that end, as it has been revealed previously at the Kirtland Assembly of 2004, preparation for a community of my people should be developed utilizing land in Eastern Jackson County.
b. Let harmony and good will prevail, not only among those who are called to community planning, but among all the Church members alike as the foundation of that Zionic endeavor, so long hoped for, unfolds.
c. Of necessity, it may be that some will remain in their neighborhoods outside of the community, where they will be required to “leaven” those places they occupy within Zion.

7 As community planning unfolds, attention to development of The Gathering Place should not be abrogated, for there on that sacred ground I have met you many times in worship and conference and will continue to do so. Further development of those grounds should continue to meet the ongoing needs of my people.

8 a. I wait to endow you with greater understanding and power, my Remnant flock, but too many of you are enmeshed in the things of this world. You must find your way out of Babylon. Greater sacrifice and discipline than you have known before will be required for the work that truly lies ahead.
b. I, the Lord, your Savior, await the coming forth of my Zion as a blossoming flower, beckoning for all to come and see the Kingdom of God on Earth.
c. Arm yourselves with great faith, knowledge, humility and love and all will be well.

Thus saith the Spirit.
Humbly submitted by your servant in Christ, FREDERICK N. LARSEN

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