Being without Counselors since last April’s General Conference, I have made this vacancy in the First Presidency a matter of utmost consideration over the past few months. After seeking guidance as to whom the Lord would choose from the High Priesthood to be Counselors in the Quorum and after prayer and pleadings, I was given light on the 26th of June 2006. The brethren named were held in confidence until further confirmation followed. After contacting the brethren, and following their acceptance, I made their selection known to the various Quorums and Orders, and then to the membership. This early notification, prior to their ordination, was needful to have their assistance in planning the Fall General Conference.
Additionally, I inquired if there were men prepared to fill vacancies in the Quorum of Twelve. The following document is presented as the mind and will of the Lord regarding these calls.

1 a. Unto you my servant I give the name of Robert E. Ostrander. His Apostolic ministry is now extended in Presidency, where his experience in witnessing and his abiding testimony of my Son will bring sound counsel to you.
b. I also give the name of Lane W. Harold. His talent and gifts in the field of the printed word and convicting sense of Church history will assist greatly in the work of the Quorum.

2 To bring added ministry to the Traveling High Council, Glenn E. Vreeland is called from among his brethren of the Quorum of High Priests to take his place as an Apostle in that Quorum. His firm desire to preach my Gospel, and his quiet presence will bring reconciling ministry not only to the Quorum, but to all to whom he will reach out.

3 These brethren should be ordained as soon as possible after their approval by the Quorums, Orders and the General Conference.

The Spirit further directs:

4 a. You my people wait for further direction from on high. This cannot be so until you have responded more fully to that which has been given thus far. There is a marriage supper waiting. The bridegroom is ready, but the bride is not prepared. My word must go forth in greater power by those who have dedicated their lives to my Gospel and my law.
b. Differences between those whose duty and special calling is to spread my Gospel must be reconciled. If they will go forth in humility and meekness, my power and endowment will be upon them.

5 a. Harmony and charity must prevail among all of those now called under the name of my Remnant Church. Further obedience to the Celestial Law and the Law of Consecration is a necessary requirement for the preparation of the Bride.
b. Even though wars and rumors of wars, political unrest, and moral decay are all around you, be not discouraged for lo, I am with you to the end. My work will not be frustrated, and be assured you are among those chosen to bring to pass my Kingdom in these last days.

Respectfully submitted, Your servant in Christ Jesus
OCTOBER 24, 2006

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