Section 153

As is my custom prior to the annual General Conference of the Church, I have sought light, by way of inspiration from God, for words of direction and guidance to the Church. In the early morning hours of March 12, 2009 such revealment was given. It is now presented to the Quorums, Orders and membership of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for their consideration and disposition.

To the Saints assembled in Conference:

1 My servant Donald E. Kite is called from his Office of the Seventy to be ordained to the High Priesthood and set apart as an Apostle among the brethren of the Quorum of Twelve. He has proven himself a faithful disciple, a strong witness for his Lord Jesus Christ and expresses deep humility in his ministry. He will, if remaining faithful to this calling, be blessed as one of those especial witnesses in the Apostolic Quorum.

The Spirit says further;
2 a. The work of the Quorum of Twelve and the Seventy should now, more than ever, seek out the lost sheep scattered among this my land of promise. There are many who have previously been faithful to the doctrine and principles of the Latter Day Gospel, and will be receptive to the call to “come and see” the unfolding of my Zion as expressed in the Remnant Church.
b. The hope of Zion is still alive in the hearts and minds of many and they will come to join your ranks in building up my Kingdom. Be not overly judgmental in receiving those that want to come. Receive them with open arms, but be cautious to keep intact the sanctity and purity of my ordinances.

3. I, the Lord, desire to empower the youth and young people of the Church with the power of my Spirit to be abiding witnesses of my Son and His Gospel. They must remain apart from Babylon, lest they fall prey to the enticings of men and the adversary. If they seek me, they shall find me, and I will give them strength to overcome.

4 a. Leave not your heritage, for you are called to implement the principles of my gathering of a righteous people, even as was revealed through my Latter Day prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr.
b. You are further called to build up the waste places of Zion and establish my Kingdom, which shall be a beacon to all people and a place of refuge for my faithful Saints in these last days. You have been called in renewal to prepare for the coming of the Bridegroom. Let it be so.

Respectfully submitted,
April 3, 2009, Independence, Missouri Frederick N. Larsen
President of the Church

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