In the early morning hours of February 11, 2010 after a restful night, I was awakened with a clear mind and an understanding of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Instruction regarding certain offices of leadership in the General Church was given in a clear and positive manner. Additional counsel and direction to the Church as a body was conferred. As the General Conference approached, specific counsel by the Spirit of Inspiration came in early March addressed to the ministers in foreign missions.

To the Quorums, Orders, Councils and membership of the Remnant Church:

1a. It is my will that Lane W. Harold, having served faithfully as a Counselor to the President of the Church and member of the Quorum of the First Presidency, shall be released from that office effective January 1, 2011. This is to provide for a smooth transition from administrative duties and the various publication responsibilities throughout the remainder of the calendar year.

1b. He will then be more free to devote and share his time and many talents in teaching, writing and preaching from his knowledge of world events, history and the scriptures. Well done my good and faithful servant.

2a. My servant Gregory Turner has been taken unto myself and now has extended his ministry to the heavenly realms, thus leaving the Presiding Bishop of my Church without a second Counselor. To fill this vacancy, High Priest Jerry A. Sherer, is called to serve in this office. If he accepts and is approved by the Conference, he should be set apart as soon as possible.

2b. As given in previous counsel, he and his companion should continue preparations to gather to the Center Place of Zion, where their time and talents can be shared with the larger body of Saints.

3. The needs of missionary outreach of my Church will be augmented by the call and setting apart of Elder Derek J. Ashwill to the office of Seventy. Though young in years and experience, if he accepts and is approved by the Conference, I will magnify his calling and bless him in this ministry.

The Spirit directs further:

4a. Even as the earth rolls upon her wings in time and space throughout my universe, she groans and changes as she fulfills her purpose in my creation. As the world ripens in iniquity, my arm of mercy and justice will be extended to fulfill that which has been prophesied.
b. For, as surely as you understand time, time shall come to an end and it is for you to speedily be about building my earthly kingdom. To this end you must continue to make preparation. To escape the coming economic calamity, free yourselves of monetary debt. To withstand the approaching collapse of moral and family values around you, established family altars must be in place. Even though you may have to pass through many trials in these last days, be strong and be cheerful, for in my gospel and in my word you shall find strength to overcome. Seek me in your quiet places and you shall have peace in your souls.

To my servants in the foreign missions:

5a. Your devotions to preaching and teaching the Restored Gospel of my Son, Jesus Christ, to each of your own cultures, though very difficult at times, is commendable. It is wise and appropriate that you should come to this, the Center Place, for further training and education in magnifying your callings.

5b. You should always be alert to those forces of evil that will try to destroy you as you witness and profess Jesus Christ. Be valiant in your testimony of Jesus and the work of converting souls to Him, even as my servant Rommel Desoloc, who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his testimony. Elder Desoloc, having laid down his life for the testimony of my Son, is now freed from earthly bonds and resides with me.

And further:

6a. Continue to press forward, my Remnant Saints, seeking unity in all things. Be alert to the signs of the times, for they are upon you. As iniquity and strife continue in the world and even unto this the Promised Land, the gathering of my people, though not yet, will soon come.

6b. Remember that the Bridegroom awaits for the Bride to be prepared. Let it be so.

Your servant in Christ, April 1, 2010
Frederick N. Larsen President of the Church

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