Having previously given consideration for the need to fill the upcoming vacancy in the First Presidency and other possible personnel changes in the leading Quorums and Orders of the Remnant Church, I was awakened in the early morning hours on this Sunday at the Kirtland Priesthood Assembly with the following insights. I perceived these to be the direction of the Holy Spirit through the prophetic office to the Priesthood assembled that day and to the General Church at large.

To the Priesthood assembled and the Church:

1. Bishop Albert V. Burdick, Counselor to the Presiding Bishop, after serving faithfully for these many years, is hereby released from his responsibilities in that office. He will continue his ministry in the office of Bishop and the High Priesthood.

2. Dan D. Keleher is called from among his brethren in the Order of Bishops to fill the vacancy in the Presiding Bishopric as Counselor to the Presiding Bishop. His deep conviction and commitment to the Restored Gospel, and particularly to the Temporal Law, qualifies him for this calling.

3. James L. Rogers, having served as an Apostle and member of the Quorum of Twelve since the organization of the Remnant Church, is now released from that responsibility and will be free to continue, as time and health allow, his ministry as a member of the High Priesthood. His mastery of the spoken word and wise counsel has endeared him to the Church and its many members and he will be sorely missed within the Quorum of Twelve.

4. Samuel R. Dyer, Jr., having served as an Assistant to the First Presidency these many past months, is now called to fill the vacancy in the First Presidency pending the release of President Lane W. Harold effective January 1, 2011, and to serve as a Counselor to the President of the Church and a member of the Quorum of the First Presidency. Brother Dyer brings many years of administrative experience and intense devotion to the Restored Gospel to this office.

5. Brethren Keleher and Dyer, if willing to serve and approved by the body of the Church in a session of General Conference scheduled for January 2011, should then be set apart to their respective offices at that Conference.
Respectfully submitted, October 3, 2010
Frederick N. Larsen
President of the Church

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