In considering the needs of the Church of Christ, i.e., the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, at this General Conference period, the following is given as revelation to the Quorums, Orders, Councils and the membership of the Church.

1 To fill the Quorum of Twelve to majority, Donald R. Carter is called from among the Seventy to be an Apostle in that Quorum. His years of administrative experience in the Oklahoma area and his unwavering enthusiasm for the Gospel and testimony of the Lord Jesus qualifies him for this calling. If he accepts this calling he should be ordained to the High Priesthood and set apart as an Apostle at the April, 2011 General Conference.

2 My Saints should not be overly concerned regarding the signs of the times. You have been warned of them and now they are here. Lack of morality and political unrest are increasing, not just in the world, but here in the Promised Land. The world is indeed ripening in that iniquity so long ago prophesied to be a sign of the times. Also, climatic change is upon you and natural disasters will become more frequent. Fear not my Remnant Saints, for my arm of protection will be upon you, even in your own times of tribulation.

To the Men of My Royal Priesthood:

3 a. The time is even more urgent than ever before for the Quorums and Orders to more fully magnify their callings.

b. The Seventy, in coordination and harmony with the Apostles, should continue to preach the Gospel with great fervor and reach out to those in the Restoration Branches, even to those of the Restoration who have strayed from my Covenants and Ordinances.

c. The Quorum of Twelve should now take greater responsibility in administering the work in the domestic branches assigned in their fields, as well as to member in the isolated areas. This in no way will abrogate the ultimate responsibility of the First Presidency in oversight of the organized branches of the Church.

d. In addition to their patriarchal calling as fathers to the Church, the Patriarch/ Evangelists must now become more actively engaged in revival ministry to all the organized branches, particularly those in the Center Place of Zion. This is in harmony with counsel given previously in Doctrine and Covenants 125:3a.

e. The Bishopric must continue their emphasis in bringing the Law of Consecration to my people and assisting in every way to bring sound financial and temporal counsel to the Saints, especially in these times of economic adversity.

f. The Quorum of High Priests should always be prepared to accept assignments in the various presiding functions of the Church and be alert to keep out from among the flock those who would bring dissension and confusion among the Saints. High Priests should meet together often and find ways wherein they can best magnify their high calling for the benefit of the Saints and my Church.

g. All men of the High Priesthood have that special calling to stand in my stead, to bear the burdens of my people, and at every turn assist in bringing unity, harmony and peace to the members of the Church. They also have both the burden and privilege to bring inspired counsel to members of the Church, at various times and special occasions, using this gift for the benefit of my Bride.

h. My servant, Joe R. Bryant, has been a blessing unto me in his efforts to lead the Elders of my Church in their Melchisedec responsibilities and in their studies. He should continue, with my blessing, to lead the Elders in knowing my doctrine and the administrative procedures of my church more fully.
i. I am well pleased with the further efforts to organize the men of the Aaronic Priesthood by moving them into their separate quorums so the organic structure of my Church may go forward. This will give that priesthood the opportunity to more completely understand their role in “polishing the stones” brought in by the Melchisedec Priesthood and thus bring enhanced honor in their callings as Priests, Teachers and Deacons.

4 Remember, remember Oh my people, this is the last dispensation of time and as you prepare the Bride to meet the Bridegroom, other events must be considered to unfold. The House of Israel must be restored and a continued understanding of what that means and how it will come to pass should continue to be explored. Remember to seek for light and truth wherever it may be found.

In Further Words of Counsel:

5 a. It is time to begin to prepare for the building of my temple in these last days. The First Presidency, and those so appointed, should begin to consider the functions of worship, priesthood and endowment associated with “The House of the Lord.” In harmony with guidance through him called to be your Prophet and President of the High Priesthood, the design and use of the temple will unfold.

b. Though this task of building the temple is seemingly difficult at this time, be strong in your faith, my Remnant Saints. You have already seen the workings of my Spirit and my hand in your endeavors to bring to pass my Kingdom on Earth, even my Zion, and I will continue to bless you in all things even unto the end.

Thus saith the Spirit,

Respectfully submitted, Your servant in Christ

April 7, 2011 Frederick N. Larsen
President of the Church

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