As responsibility for bringing revelatory direction to the Remnant Church weighed heavily on my mind prior to the 2013 Spring General Conference, I set aside several days in prayer and fasting in March and was directed in the early morning hours of March 8 to write part of the following as the voice of inspiration. I thought I had completed writing all that was to be given to the Church, but in the very early morning hours of March 29 I was awakened and commanded to write further. As the Presiding Officer and Prophetic Voice of the Church, I bring the following as the directing voice of Him who rules above.

1. In the Spirit of Discernment, and in harmony with their requests, Leland V. Collins and Steve R. Church are now released from their responsibilities as apostles in the Quorum of Twelve. Brother Collins will continue his high priestly ministry in the office of Patriarch/Evangelist and take his place among the brethren of that Order. Brother Church will continue his ministry and calling as a high priest in the Quorum of High Priests. Both men have honorably distinguished themselves as apostles in the service of their Lord and are now free to minister in other capacities.
2. High Priest Anthony M. Durant, having demonstrated his commitment and talents not only in spiritual matters but also in temporal aspects of the gospel, is now called to the office of Bishop in the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and, when ordained, should take his place among the brethren of the Order of Bishops.
3a. Further Guided by the Spirit of Discernment and Revelation, it is now time for the brethren of the Remnant Church Seventy to be formally organized. Believing that sufficient evidence in precedence and scriptural law allows for the renewal of that Quorum in the Remnant Church, the following is given for direction in their organization:
b. Let the men of the seventy assemble with the President of the Quorum of Twelve Presiding. They shall select four from their membership to be presidents for the Council of Presidents of Seventy, thus giving a majority of the desired seven presidents. This is in harmony with the principle where the First Presidency and the Quorum of Twelve can also function with less than a full quorum. In due time, after the initial organization and sufficient numbers of Seventy have been ordained, additional Presidents of Seventy should be called. Let the chosen four select one of their council to be called the Senior President of the Presidents of Seventy. Further counsel also directs that the issues of the calling of seventy, the role of the Presidents of Seventy and Joint Jurisdiction be clarified by a Joint Council of the First Presidency, Quorum of Twelve and the Quorum of Seventy to be held shortly after the April, 2013 General Conference.

4a. To the Order of Patriarch/Evangelists, the Spirit of Inspiration further directs: My servants of the Order of Patriarch/Evangelists are men of various blessings, talents, and ministries which, indeed, meet the callings and duties outlined in previous counsel given to this Order in Section 125: 3-5 of the Doctrine and Covenants. These duties must continue to be magnified if my Church is to receive the full benefit of their ministry so much needed by the membership. In consequence of the direction that “The patriarch is an evangelical minister”, and the principle calling of the patriarch is to be a “father to the church”, let the name of this Order, and the office to which these men are called, be constricted to patriarch, that is, “Order of Patriarchs” and “Office of Patriarch,” rather than “Order of Patriarch/Evangelists.”

b. This is not to lessen their role as evangelists; indeed, they are to give renewed emphasis at every opportunity in reviving the membership of this Church to greater levels of commitment to repentance, witnessing and Kingdom building.

c. Further, with the break in lineage of father to son in the heritage Church for the Presiding Patriarch, let the term “Acting Presiding Patriarch” be dropped and the role of he who is to be considered first, that is, to preside when patriarchs meet in council, now be designated, “The Presiding Patriarch of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.”

d. Now, let each man of this order utilize, to the fullest extent, his unique calling as a “father to the church”, and when bringing together all those ministries and duties called for in Section 125: 3-5, the Church will be mightily blessed. Especially needed this day are those special blessings called Patriarchal Blessings and, if so led, the designation of tribal lineage to bring awareness that you are priestly participants in the restoration of Latter Day Israel.

5a. To My Handmaidens, yea, even you Daughters of Zion: Even though you are not permitted the authority and role of priesthood, you are of equal worth in fulfilling the work of bringing forth my Kingdom on earth in these last days. Exercise your many gifts and talents, not just in your daily walk, but in those special ministries of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and preparing for troubled times. Your labors of righteousness and your sacrifices are truly a blessing to me and bring honor and glory to your Heavenly Father. Continue to seek out those avenues of opportunity to serve me in those ways that are granted to you, my handmaidens.

b. You are the cornerstone of that purpose in my creation, even that of the union between a man and a woman in marriage. Along with the loving support of your husbands, keep that covenant sacred. Strengthen the family unit with homes that are filled with the undying love of my Son. All of you, my handmaidens, are counseled to be gentle, but firm in your witness of my gospel and in your teaching and guiding of the children and youth of my Church.

c. Be cheerful and let your countenances reflect the joy in serving all mankind. Always be guided by the hope of Zion and its fulfillment through your labors of love.

6a. Thus saith the Spirit to the Church: You, my Remnant Saints, must be a people who are armed with great humility and charity, that is, the pure love of mine only Begotten Son. You have not learned, sufficiently, to prefer your brothers and sisters in all things. Among my priesthood there still remains too much pride, contention, and self-interest. Purge your-selves of these evils. Contend not so much on the interpretation of my Word, but reason together and let my Spirit direct you in all things to the end that your Father in Heaven shall be glorified and my Kingdom unfold before you.

b. Thus saith the Spirit to the Church, “The letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit gives life.”

c. In your worship, let the voice of warning be present, but also let the word and song express themselves in joyful praise, uplifting one another, always giving honor and glory to the Father and the Son. In your comings and goings be reverent, always respecting the sacred space of your sanctuaries. If you do this, I will bless you with the ministry of angels and the gift of prophecy.

d. You have desired my Kingdom on the earth, even Zion, and have accomplished many good things in righteousness and in temporalities. But you, my Remnant Saints, have been warned about the coming tribulations and now need to be further strengthened spiritually for that which is to come. The secular world is closing in around you. Soon you will lose many freedoms, not only in your daily lives but even in your worship. Be aware and stand strong in your convictions. Let not the wiles of the adversary overcome you. Put on the whole armor of God. But, even in these turbulent times, take comfort and be of good cheer, for in my gospel is found peace, comfort, and joy. Lo, I am with you always.

Frederick N. Larsen
President of the Church

April 5, 2013

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