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As we approach the General Conference of April 2014, it is apparent that vacancies in the First Presidency, due to requested release and infirmity, need to be filled. The Quorum of Twelve is in need of additional membership to direct the vital missionary work for the Church. To this end, I have sought divine guidance as to these needs and that which follows is given as the voice of inspiration. Additional calls to ministries in the Order of Patriarchs, High Priesthood and Standing High Council will also be presented to the Conference for approval with subsequent ordination.

To the Quorums, Orders, Councils, and membership of the Remnant Church:

  1. a.     Let my servant Robert E. Ostrander, who has served honorably and faithfully as a counselor in the First Presidency for the past seven years, now be released to continue his ministry as a high priest as he is able and has desire.

      b.     Samuel R. Dyer, Jr., having served with devotion and diligence these last several years as Counselor to the President of the Church, has requested his release from that onerous responsibility. As a high priest, he is now free to minister through his apostolic witness as his health allows and opportunities present themselves.

2.   a.     To fill the vacancies in the quorum of the First Presidency, Ralph W. Damon is called from among his brethren of the Quorum of Twelve. His apostleship is now extended as he takes his place as a Counselor to the President of the Church and a member of the Quorum of the First Presidency.

      b.     James A. VunCannon, now serving as an assistant to the First Presidency, is called by the witness of the Spirit and should take his place as a member of the First Presidency and Counselor to the President of the Church. In addition to his complete devotion to the Restoration Gospel, his technical and administrative skills will be invaluable to the work and ministry of the First Presidency.

3.          Having served in the office of the Patriarch/Evangelist for over thirty-five years and more recently as Presiding Patriarch of the Remnant Church, Conrad R. Faulk is now released from that responsibility of presiding over his brethren in the order, yet remaining as a valuable counselor to his brethren in the Order of Patriarchs. To fill the role of Presiding Patriarch, Carl W. VunCannon, Jr., is called and should be set apart to the office as soon as practicable.

4.   a.     Apostle Donald E. Kite, having labored as a seventy and subsequently in the Quorum of Twelve, is honorably released from the quorum and should continue his witnessing ministry in the Order of Patriarchs to which office he is now called and should be ordained.

      b.     From the high priesthood, my servants Terry W. Patience and Mark D. Deitrick are called and should be set apart unto the office of apostle and labor in the Quorum of Twelve. From the Quorum of Seventy let Donald L. Dunn and Robert R. Murie, Jr. be ordained to the high priesthood and set apart as apostles in the Quorum of Twelve. Regarding the organization of the Quorum of Twelve, it is wisdom that Apostle Donald W. Burnett be set apart as the president of that quorum. His experience in the quorum and commitment to the work qualify him for this added responsibility.

Recognizing the need for understanding and direction for the Church at this Conference and to go forward in the work of the Restoration, I have sought that voice of inspiration for such guidance and light as the President of the High Priesthood and the Church is entitled to. I have been blessed from on high and am now permitted to bring to the Quorums, Orders, Councils, and membership the following admonition, direction, and encouragement.

Thus Saith the Spirit:

5.   a.     Unity within My Church has been fractured because many of you, my chosen people, have allowed the adversary to sow seeds of distrust and lack of confidence in those set apart to lead. Rejecting leadership over trivial offenses is unbecoming to a people called to humility and meekness in all that they do. There is set in the theocratic and democratic law of the church procedures to resolve differences, whether large or small. It is now time to work through and heal those wounds which have been tapping the strength of my Church spiritually and temporally. If you love Me, as you so profess, then find ways to reconcile your differences and earnestly be about the work wherein you have been called.

      b.     With the filling of vacancies in the First Presidency and Council of Twelve, it is now given that those two quorums should be more closely associated with their mutual endeavors in reviewing and administering the policies and programs of the Church, but should recognize that the heavier burden and care of the Church is laid upon him who is called to preside over the high priesthood and upon those who are called to be his counselors. The same counsel is also given to the work and ministry of the twelve and seventy who, as in previous direction (R-152:2), should meet often in bonds of fellowship and mutual efforts in promulgating the Gospel to all who will listen.

      c.     Be not discouraged, My Remnant flock, for My work will never be thwarted. Lay aside those things that cause aught with your brothers and sisters and live in the light and joy of the Gospel. Determine what must matter most in your individual lives – loving and relying upon God, the Father, for all things good; caring for your famlies both in and out of the Church; and finding security in the redemptive power of the cross and through the atonement of the Only Begotten Son of God. These things are most precious and should cause you to always be of good cheer, looking upward for that glorious day of the Lord’s return, for then you shall all see eye to eye and be one with each other and with the Father and the Son. May it be so. Amen.


Your servant,






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