As I contemplated whether or not there should be a message for the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at this General Conference, I felt, due to my recent tiredness and the stress in my everyday life, I could not, in good consciousness, bring prophetic direction at this time. I felt so unworthy as not to be in tune with the mind and will of the Holy Spirit. However, after a season of prayer and reading of the Scriptures, particularly Apostle Paul’s counsel to the Philippian Saints, I sensed clearly the voice of the Lord assuring me that my sins were forgiven and that, through Christ, I could do all things through His strength.

I asked for His help and I felt His hand reach out and grasp mine, almost as if it were in the physical sense. I was at once at peace in my soul and knew that I could, if it was His will, through the prophetic office, bring comfort and direction to the Remnant Saints. With this burden of unworthiness lifted, but still in my weakness, that which follows is given as a witness, through the impress of the Holy Spirit to the Remnant Church, as the mind of will of God.

To the Councils, Orders, Quorums, and Membership of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:

Thus sayeth the Spirit:

1. Even though there exists now greater unity than ever among the leadership of my Church, there still remain many who have been bruised by events of the recent past. If my work is to go forward with greater strength and power, there must be greater unity of the whole body. To this end, let the process of forgiveness and reconciliation among the body of Christ go forward in earnest. In the policies and procedures of the Church there is direction how this may occur. However, the best guidance to accomplish this can be found in my Word. Seek and follow that counsel.

2. I have blessed the Church with many who have been able to leave the secular world and give of themselves and their talents to new support ministries. Among these is included the Media Outreach and Missionaries-in-Training programs so essential for the growth of the Church. Even so, I will continue to bless, with spiritual strength, wisdom, and opportunities, the Twelve and Seventy in their united endeavors to add such as will come to join the Remnant Saints in assisting in building the Kingdom of God here on earth.

3. It is pleasing that, in recent months, many new programs are taking place within the Church, allowing many more opportunities for service, especially for those of my Church. This is especially true of those of who are now commended for their involvement in continued social outreach, thus fulfilling the commandment to “clothe the naked and feed the hungry.” Those who have seen the need to provide a Christ-centered education for my children will continue to receive my blessings through their labors with endeavors such as Zion’s Academy.

4. With the calling of he who directs the financial and temporal affairs of my Church, even the Presiding Bishop, to an additional emphasis of the work of the Aaronic Priesthood and its role in these last days of the Gathering, and the need for preparing a righteous people for the building of the Kingdom, there will be new challenges for my people in discipline and sacrifice. This work will hasten my coming. This enhanced ministry of my servant W. Kevin Romer will come forth as the role of an Aaronic High Priest is better understood.

5. My people of the Remnant Church, you have been called to the mission of sending forth my gospel far and wide by word of mouth, by the example of your individual lives, as well as how you live in community. The world is in chaos and needs so badly the message of Good News. Be not discouraged, for I will be with you and the end will be victorious. Remember, remember, I gave my life for you. What will you do for me?

May it be so.

Frederick N. Larsen
President of the Church
March 29, 2015

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