Section 162

March 29, 2016

With some reluctance, but sensing the expectancy of the Body of Christ, that is, the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, for revelatory direction at the upcoming General Conference. I commenced on Resurrection Sunday, March 27, to seek the mind and will of the Almighty for direction and counsel for the Church. March 29 provided a day of meditation and solitude where inspiration through the Holy Spirit brought forth that which follows. It is now presented here for consideration and disposition by the Conference.

To the quorums, orders, councils and membership of the Remnant Church:

“Not by the order of man, but by the direction of the Holy Spirit, the following is given:

1.     My servant Donald L. Dunn is honorably released from his office of apostle in the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to continue his high priestly ministry as opportunity and his health permits. His witness of the restored gospel has been a blessing to many and his life and ministry have found favor with the Lord.

2.     Gary L. Argotsinger, having served in the office of seventy and as an apostle in my Church for many years, is released from the office of apostle and now called to be set apart to the office of patriarch and join the brethren of the Order of Patriarchs. His witness of the Latter Day work and penchant for pastoral ministry qualifies him well for this office and gives great opportunity to bring a remarkable revivalist ministry to the Church.

3.     To fill a vacancy in the Quorum of Twelve, S. Roger Tracy is called from among his brethren in the Quorum of Seventy to be ordained to the high priesthood and set apart to the office of apostle in the Remnant Church. His compelling witness of the Lord Jesus, and love for the souls of men, will bring additional strength and vibrancy to the Quorum of Twelve.

4.     With regard to the Order of Bishops, Elder Andrew C. Romer is, at this time, called to the office of high priest and should be set apart to the office of bishop. His gifts and talents will enhance the important work of the temporal ministry of the Order of Bishops.

5.     Remember, remember, my Remnant Saints, you are of the chosen few to bring to pass my Kingdom in these last days. To whom much is give, much is required. Throughout the revelatory direction given to the Remnant Church from the prophetic office is that which is required for bringing to pass my Zion, and therefore my coming. Read, study, and obey!

6.     It is pleasing to see the brethren of the Quorum of High Priests, Order of Bishops and Order of Patriarchs meeting on a regular basis in study, discussion and business of their special ministries. Their fellowship efforts have brought renewed unity and understanding to the Church and its vision for the Kingdom.

7.     There are many in and around the Remnant Church community who know not of, nor have heard of, this church nor its Restoration gospel. It is imperative that a more zealous outreach to this community must be undertaken. Let those with skills in public relations and those with missionary zeal step forward and undertake this effort. Our outreach via the livestream broadcasts must be of the highest quality possible, even at all costs. This ministry has the potential to become our best outreach and become the public face of the Remnant Church.

8a.    In harmony with earlier counsel to the Church to (R-153:2b), “…be cautious to keep intact the sanctity and purity of my ordinances,” the following is given:

8b.    Among the sacraments and ordinances of the Church, the sacrament of marriage is most important and is not to be violated. This convenant is between one man and one woman, as it was from the beginning, and is for the purpose of procreating God’s creations. It is the basis of the family unit now, and particularly in the Zionic community. It is to be entered into carefully, soberly, and reverently. To this end, the church leadership should be engaged in reviewing the Remnant Churchs policy on marriage and family values.

9.     In this day of world chaos, political unrest, and moral decay, it is imperative that we be very strong in our faith. Even though, through our faith we are saved by grace, remember that it is through our holy works we demonstrate the depth of our faith. We shall be tempted and tried in the days ahead. But if we remain obedient to the commandments and latter-day counsel, the end will be glorious, Zion will be, and our Lord will return to claim His own. Let it be so.”




Frederick N. Larsen

President of the Church

April 7, 2016

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