As the General Conference of 2018 approached, the
expectation for divine direction for the body of Christ
weighed heavily on my mind. To that end, I petitioned
the Lord for the voice of inspiration to be directed
through the prophetic office. That which follows was
given as the mind and will of God to the Remnant
Church and is now presented to the quorums, orders,
councils, and membership for their consideration and

1. To the church: My servant, Robert R. Murie, Jr.,
having served the church faithfully as an apostle in the
traveling Council of Twelve, is now honorably released
from ministerial responsibilities in that quorum. He is
to continue his high priestly ministry as his physical
limitations allow and opportunities present themselves.

2a. You, my faithful saints, in spite of many obstacles
and challenges since last conference, have made much
progress in bringing forward the work toward the
kingdom. Many have sacrificed much in utilizing their
time and talents for the cause of Zion. The response of
the membership of this church in studying and obeying
the principles of my gospel, and following the vision
of the kingdom, is pleasing to me.

b. If you continue to follow that which has been
given to this church through the prophetic office, you
will find an increase in the blessings from heaven,
and an ever unfolding of power from on high in your
priesthood ministry.

c. In many ways you have not yet fully understood
the import of the spiritual and temporal aspects of
my gospel, and it is there for you to grasp the deeper
significance of what I require of you in building the
kingdom on this earth.

3. The world around you is ever growing in chaos.
Civil disobedience is growing, economic uncertainty is
a reality, and moral decline is on the rise. It is imperative
that you be prepared for that which lies ahead. Hold
fast to the rod of iron, the word of God. Take comfort
in the arms of the Lord Jesus. Draw very close to him,
for there you will find peace and understanding for that
which will unfold.

4a. Your efforts to implement the Center Place of
Zion program and organization are commendable. The
Center Place will be the place for the final gathering of
my saints. It will be the place where those outside the
faith will say, “Let us go up to Zion and learn of her

b. Continue, my saints, to gather in fellowship, study,
and worship, and in your unity you will find strength
to do all things. I, the Lord, will always be with you to
guide and direct your paths, even unto my coming with
the kingdom of heaven.

Frederick N. Larsen
President of the Church
Independence, Missouri, March 30, 2018

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