At the end of the joint council sessions held in May of 2019, Apostle Terry Patience was recommended by that joint council to be the successor to President Larsen. During the time between the joint council sessions and the special conference held on June 29, 2019, and anticipating that the setting apart would take place, then Apostle Patience began to consider who the Lord wanted as counselors to the president of the church, thus filling the First Presidency. This document was prepared for the conference of June 29th, but was not presented to the conference as time was not allotted for the presentation of such a document to the quorums, nor to the body of the church. Once Apostle Patience was confirmed by the body of the church, he addressed the chair of the session and asked the body of saints convened to accept and approve the counselors designated in this document. This was done, and they were set apart during the afternoon session.

Because Brother Patience would be leaving the Quorum of Twelve short of members, Brother Patience sensed that a call to the Quorum of Twelve would allow the quorum to maintain its strength. He sensed that the Lord wanted to present in this document the person indicated. That calling was not presented to the body at the special conference because the document was not presented to the quorums and to the body convened. This document was delayed in its presentation until the next conference could be convened.

1a. In order that the First Presidency may be filled as soon as possible, considering it prudent not to wait until a fall or spring conference to be convened, and being advised by Apostle Donald Burnett, President of the Quorum of Twelve and functioning as the chair to the conference session, to have counselors in place to fulfill the law of the church and to protect the church, shortly after I was informed that I was designated by President Frederick N. Larsen to be his successor and the joint council had approved the call, I began to pray about who the Lord wanted to be the counselors in the First Presidency.

b. After some time, the Lord whispered to me repeatedly that David R. Van Fleet and Michael B. Hogan should be set apart to be those counselors and as presidents in the First Presidency. Their long service and understanding of church history and church law will now be put to use to help guide the church forward. Brother Van Fleet should be released as president of the high priests’ quorum, as well as Brother Hogan as secretary to the high priests’ quorum. But if needed, they may remain in those positions until an interim person can be named or another can be called to replace them, which would allow for the leadership in that quorum to continue.

2. In order to fill the vacancy in the Quorum of Twelve, Brother Ralph W. Damon is called out of the Order of Patriarchs and is to be set apart once again into the missionary arm of the church. The Lord needs his exuberance, energy, and his desire to travel and work among the saints to bring those souls who are not yet a part of the Remnant Church into the fold. There are those who can contribute ministry to the church as they find their place among us. This ordinance should be done as soon as possible.

3. Other positions in the leadership of the church will be filled when it is prudent to convene the next conference. This will provide time to evaluate the need for leadership in the church during this transition.

4. I present these words to you as the will of God in hopes that you will rejoice together, and that Christ’s church will be blessed.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry W. Patience

President of the Church
Independence, Missouri, June 29, 2019

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