While preparing to present the material for the in-town reunion classes of August 2019, the Spirit impressed upon me that I should write the following. I had been studying the Doctrine and Covenants, the R-revelations, and the book written by Frederick Madison Smith titled, Foundations of Zion. I sensed that the words were not my words, but that they were coming from a higher power.

They were read to the congregation gathered for the Central States Reunion (commonly called the In-Town Reunion) at the Gathering Place on Sunday morning, August 4, 2019, during the final service. It was confirmed as a message from the Lord by Seventy William Baker during the same service.

The First Presidency later decided to send this out to the body of the church. Since the first reading of the document, many have studied the contents and have been blessed by the message.

It was decided that this message should be presented to the quorums and to the body of the church at the next conference for the possible inclusion in the Doctrine and Covenants.

Thus saith the Spirit to the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:

1. For your protection from the effects of Babylon, it is urgent that you gather closer together geographically and spiritually.

2a. You must begin to do your daily tasks differently than before, for you have not yet accomplished the Zionic conditions needed for my return, and, so that the people of my church may become spiritually stronger. Evaluate what you are doing and strive to make each day a day of communion with the Lord.

b. You need to be a people who are a stronger example to the world as to how my children ought to carry out the activities of mortal life. This is the reason you have been counseled to sanctify your lives.

c. This work must be done in humility and meekness. By doing so, you will gain the realization of your brokenness and thus have a greater dependence upon God and Jesus. That brokenness leads to repentance and life changing actions and thoughts. That dependence upon me will help you in your relationships toward each other and assist you as you grow together as my children.


3. As you have been taught before, surplus is my plan for the sharing of resources, that all might have the opportunity to find salvation and to be better prepared for life in the Kingdom.

4a. Remember the words given to you earlier, where it counsels you to establish family altars and to “seek me in your quiet places and you shall have peace in your souls.” This is the purpose for seeking me in your quiet places, that your relationships with me and with each other can be more abundant, and that my Spirit can better guide you in these last days.

b. Also remember that you must respect the Sabbath, for this day is given to you that you might find greater peace in your soul. Take that Sabbath experience into every day of your life that it might help you commune with the Lord.

5. You have desired the Kingdom but have not yet changed enough to endure the trials and the chaos that is upon you at every turn. By living more in communion with the Spirit, you will have great blessings in the coming days.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry W. Patience
President of the Church
Independence, Missouri, August 4, 2019

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