February 27, 2020
During the weeks and months since the conference of June 29, 2019, my prayers and thoughts have been concerned about what men God would like to call to serve in the quorums of the church. My mind has been drawn to men who have continued to serve Christ’s church even in these days of strife. I present these names for the consideration of the conference that the Quorum of Twelve may again be restored to a more complete quorum.

1. Matthew W. Goodrich is called from the Quorum of Seventy to now serve in the Quorum of Twelve. He should be ordained to the high priesthood and set apart to the office of apostle in the Remnant Church. His diligence and desire for the missionary work has been prevalent for some time, and as he endeavors to work in this new calling that desire will be magnified.

2. High Priest Steven C. Tims is called to serve in the Quorum of Twelve and should be set apart during this conference. If needs be, he should continue to serve as the branch president of the Blue Springs Branch until another can fill that role or when that position is no longer needed. High Priest Tims will be released from the Standing High Council so that he may serve in this calling.

3. High Priest Rodney Walsh is called to serve in the Quorum of Twelve and should be set apart during this conference. It is wisdom that he also be set apart as the president of that quorum where his calm and intuitive direction will strengthen and guide the men of the missionary arm of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ. High Priest Walsh will also be released from the Standing High Council to allow him to serve in the calling.

4. To maintain a quorum in the Standing High Council, the following will be set apart to serve in that council as soon as possible, William G. L. Jobe, Joe R. Bryant, and Edwin M. Gates.

5a. To provide continued leadership in the Order of Patriarchs, Dennis R. Evans is to be set apart as the Presiding Patriarch of the Order of Patriarchs as soon as possible. His loving gentle nature will continue to bless the church in this calling.

b. To provide continued leadership for the High Priest Quorum, High Priest Joe R. Bryant is called and should be set apart as the President of the High Priests’ Quorum during this conference.

c. The two servants just named have served willingly as interim leaders to those important bodies of the church. The Lord is well pleased with their service and the desires of their hearts to fulfil those roles. The Spirit will continue to bless them as they call upon it to help them continue the work.

6a. The Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been through great tribulation over the last year as I the Lord have taken unto myself your servant Frederick N. Larsen, as well as other faithful leaders and members. I, the Lord, wish to commend those who have stayed true to the gospel during these times. At times it has seemed to some that the future seemed dim and that Zion would be harder to achieve without those strong leaders and members.

b. Those who are still in this mortal life need to remain strong in your testimony and faith. The work must go on, and I, the Lord, will be with you. I continue to watch over all the people of this earth, in this time, and those who respond to my gospel.

c. The work of the Lord will not be thwarted; it will go on. It is up to those among you to continue to testify of my truth and my gospel because it is a benefit to all who follow me and to those who will come to the gospel through the work that you do.

d. Be strong and faithful and I will be with you. Continue to seek me out and to use your altars at home. Continue to contemplate how your daily lives can become more sacred, as that will help you prepare for the coming of the Bridegroom for the bride. I desire to walk among you soon. May it be so.

After the postponement of the Conference scheduled for April of 2020, I continued to pray about those who might serve the Lord in the capacities needed to further the work of the church. These words were given to me on May 6, 2020 and May 8, 2020.

7a. William Baker is now called from the Quorum of Seventy to serve in the Quorum of Twelve. I am aware of his strong desire to bring the children of this earth to the gospel, and this zeal will be of great worth to me as he continues in the missionary arm of the church. He should be ordained to the high priesthood and set apart to the office of apostle in the Remnant Church. Brother Baker’s work will become magnified as he humbly puts his heart into the work of this new calling.

b. To replace Brother Baker as the President of the Quorum of Seventy, the Lord is asking Brother K. Bruce Terry to become the President of the Quorum of Seventy.

8. I have put the name of Priest Joshua L. Terry upon the heart of my servant Brother Patience, to call Brother Joshua Terry from the Aaronic priesthood to become an elder and to work in the Quorum of Seventy.

9. Elder Charles R. Petentler is called to take his place in the Order of Patriarchs and as a high priest. This calling has been verified by many who have seen his ministry as a father to the members of the church and can testify of it.

10a. It is imperative at this time that the missionary arm of my church focus its efforts on the Centerplace and the regions nearby. The Centerplace must become stronger both spiritually and numerically as the bride prepares for my return. Once I am with you the church will be better endowed to bring in those who now reside farther away. Let the missionaries work with the technology that is available to reach out to the world and identify those who will come and work in my church and then help spiritually minister to the world.

b. I tell you today just as I told my servant Joseph Smith, Jr., in the words now found in Section 58:15d, “the sound must go forth from this place into all the world; and unto the uttermost parts of
the earth, the gospel must be preached unto every creature, with signs following them that believe. And behold, the Son of man cometh. Amen”

c. The gospel is indeed being sent out to every roof top of the world. This method allows the missionaries to identify those who are interested in my gospel. Once those reaching out to the church more fully understand the structure and nature of my church, the face to face contacts will be more productive.

11. I, the Lord, am encouraging the patriarchs to consider how they can better fulfil their roles as evangelists to assist in the work that is before the church.

12a. The members, who are also called to be missionaries should also consider how they can reach out to those with whom they come in contact.

b. The work of all missionaries is getting more difficult as those who favor Babylon’s ways are becoming more entrenched in their desires and beliefs causing them to fall farther from the gospel’s salvation plan. This saddens my heart for I do not wish that any should fall away, but many will, for I have given them their agency.

c. Working to strengthen the Centerplace is critical. A strong core of resources is needed before the church can reach out and minister fully to those who are falling away, and then for the church to retain those who are beyond the borders of my Zion.

Given to President Patience on July 7, 2020:

13a. My servant, Bishop Jerry A. Sherer, after serving for many years as a counselor to Bishop W. Kevin Romer, is hereby released from that responsibility. Bishop Sherer’s ministry in this capacity has been a blessing to the church and to the men of the Aaronic priesthood as they have worked to better understand the work that needs to be done in these latter days. Well done my faithful servant. I, the Lord, am asking Bishop Sherer to continue to serve the church in the Order of Bishops and to continue to bless the church.

b. To replace Bishop Sherer, High Priest Elbert H. Rogers is called to be a Bishop and to be set apart as a Counselor to Bishop Romer. My servant Elbert should gather to the Independence area as soon as feasible. This opportunity to work side by side with Bishop Romer will help him learn the duties and functions of this calling, and, will help relieve Bishop Romer of much of the day to day tasks that require his strength.

c. Bishop Kevin Romer should continue his work to the church as the Presiding Bishop and as an Aaronic High Priest and continue his direction of the Aaronic priesthood as they seek to understand their work, that of drawing my children’s hearts closer to me and totally surrendering to me as the church prepares for my coming. This work must hasten.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry W. Patience
President of the Church
Independence, Missouri, July 30, 2020

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