In anticipation of the upcoming General Conference of 2021, I had been concerned about what message the Lord would want to give to the church. Thus, many prayers had been said as well as meditation and times of listening for the still small voice from above.

Around 6:30 in the morning of April 21, 2021, I felt the prompting that I should write. I knew that the words coming into my mind were from the heavenly realm and were not mine, even though filtered through me. I wrote them down as quickly as I could and later filled in the thoughts to clarify the message.

With each reading of the words since then, I have felt the Spirit confirming the source of them.

Remember also, that the message is not just to the church, it is for all mankind.

1a. As you my people continue to prepare for my coming, I ask you to take rest in the Spirit that guides you. Trust in me as righteousness is brought forth among the children of men. Continue to look up. Continue to desire the Kingdom and to do as I have commanded you in days of the past and in the days that you are in.

b. There is much around you that continues to draw my people’s attention from the simplicity of the gospel and the love I have asked you to have toward one another. Forgiveness and grace are needed everywhere as you continue to unite together in the worthy cause of the gospel.

c. These times are not easy. Be diligent in your study and in your prayers that your relationship with me and with each other may be a blessing to all.

d. Continue to place your trust in that which you know to be true, and let the Spirit confirm that truth as you sense the burning confirmation.

2. Know that I am. Know that I am with you. Know that I am coming soon. Work to be with me, your Savior, Jesus Christ.

3a. In the past, you have been asked to read, study, and obey. Continue to be more diligent in this commandment. It will be of great benefit to you as the days ahead become more troublesome.

b. I have asked you to read, that you might spend more time with me, and by so doing you will develop that relationship with me which will strengthen you. Place my words upon your hearts and in your minds. There are many voices pulling your concepts away from my concepts. Satan is working diligently in these last days to distract mankind. You must be able to hear me now, in order to continue to hear me in the midst of chaos. For I come in the midst of chaos, and it will be harder to hear me unless you have heard me now.

c. Study to know my ways and desires for mankind. The scriptures have been my guidance and counsel to you from the beginning. Internalize them and let them be your guide. The only way to peace is through the ways of God the Father. The Kingdom is His and will be governed by His ways, not the ways of man.

d. I have asked you to obey those words given to you previously. Many make those words heavy and burdensome. Allow yourselves to trust the guidance they provide, and the days will be lighter.

4. Have grace toward one another. Allow the grace you want for yourselves to flow towards others. Remember, just as I am working with you, I am working with others. Just as you seek forgiveness, forgive.

5. Stand fast on the principles of my gospel, for they are true and designed to be a benefit to mankind. Many voices are coming forth and have been with you in the past that claim a better way. But I am still the only way to the Father. The voices and philosophies of men lead to destruction and separation from me.

6. Seek to spend time in true worship of the Father. Just as a flower follows the light, you must follow me. Open your hearts and your ears to hear the Spirit. Breathe, and let that Spirit I have sent you teach you. Expect the burning of the Spirit to confirm what you hear.

7. My Father in Heaven is loving. That love knows and understands what is best for His creation now and in the Kingdom to come.


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